Paused scenes
Hey guys,

Sorry about vanishing mid-email-scene on a few of you.  Things weren't the greatest, mostly down to the whole work-life balance being a bit skewed in the wrong direction.  

Anyhoo, I believe I have some stalled email scenes with Jacqui, Jess and Andrew on the go?  As I've taking this run of nights off so that I can see some daylight (and get some time off to do domestic stuff - one wardrobe assembled, one and a chest of drawers to go!), I'm probably not going to be about much to actually scene.  But I can try to get the scenes going again?  Or they can just fade away?  I'm totally easy.

Totally good for continuing our scene if you would like!  Glad luge has settled a little.
Oh dear, we probably do have a stalled email scene knowing me! I am definitely down to either a) fade out on it and start a newer one whenever or b) try and wrap things up. Whichever works more for the scene in question/generally. Smile

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