I want to RP with you!

I have been noticing a trend lately toward people going off and doing their own thing -- and this is good! We should all go and do our own thing. Once in a while, though, it's also a great idea to mix things up.

We don't have to have a special, pre-determined reason for our characters to be interacting in order to RP. Sometimes, they're just going for ice cream or something. And it's in those kinds of scenes that great ideas and friendships are formed organically. Lately, I've been seeing a lot of pre-made stuff, not a whole lot of organic stuff -- and not a whole lot of open scenes in general.

And I will admit, a good part of my grief with this is that with everyone off doing their own thing in circumscribed groups, those outside the groups (Cabals!) get left to fall into isolation. Like Grace. Seriously, have only done one scene in July so far, and I'm getting twitchy all over.

Consider this an open invitation to drag me off to do whatever. And also, I'll be trying to start up some open scenes here if I can get participation. If you see me hanging out alone on the chat sometime, stop by and say hi! I will love you forever.
I would like to play with you (you Noel and the general RP crowd you) too! I have, alas, been suffering from both real world busy times and this week, gross sickness but -! I am definitely down to play in some open scenes and such. Smile
I will (try to, unless crazy work stuff comes up) commit to an open scene ...Thuuuursday night. I too have been feeling the lack of just Log In And Play scenes, so yes.

I make no promises.  But if I can I will drop by on Thursday and see what's up.  Smile
Eeeeeeeeeeeeee!  Thursday!
I will be around at 8:30, maybe a little before. (In an hour, yay! OPEN SCENE, WOO. BE THERE OR BE SQUARE. WOO WOO.)
I suffer from Mom Of Three woes, and general wierdness of online availability compared to everyone else. But I want to play with you (yes, you!), too! .....I should remember to turn Trillian on when I'm actually on the computer for a reasonable amount of time.

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