A Letter (Attn. Pen, Nick -- retro)
[As she said there would be, a letter appears at the post office box of Nick and Pen. It doesn't have a stamp or an address, because it was never mailed. People read your mail if they can easily find it, a fact Grace knows all too well. She reads lots of people's mail.

In any case, there is a letter.
There are no marshmallows.

It reads:]

Damn the Technocrats for making me sneakernet this. Damn them to Hell.

[Because it's become a running theme in her hand-delivered messaging scheme to add this. Technocracy Delenda Est?]

Our good doctor has recently given me the official documentation relating to several murders and missing persons in the Colorado City area. They are all Awakened individuals, all Apprentices. Most of them were newcomers to the area, or newly-Awakened individuals, but a couple were long-standing members of the community.

The strangest thing about all of them, aside from the apparent targeting of Mages is that the crime scenes were clean. Way too clean. The only thing that was left at any murder scene was a single hair and half a thumbprint. The locals think this means some Technocrat decided to thin the herd and used their tools to make sure no clues were left behind, but not all of them are so sure.

Of course, I traced the hair and watched this person.

He is likely not a Technocrat, or at the very least, is not Awakened. He did not detect my spying, I don't think, because he proceeded to talk about things and to do things related to the murders. He had a card in his pocket that read "Peregrine", a credit card belonging to someone named Elizabeth Palor, and nothing else. No ID, no cash. People referred to him as "Wiley" but I couldn't catch a last name.

He met up with his girlfriend, to whom he was very happy to show off his "Peregrine" card, and she asked if one of the victims, LaCroix, had 'made it'. He didn't, according to Wiley.

I asked Angela, a Colorado City native, about Peregrine, and she said it was a rank in the Order of the Falcon, a high-class hunting club and charity organization. They are into dangerous hunting activities, and I thought, you know, we make for fairly dangerous prey.

I'm going to be looking into -- and by that I mean hacking into -- the Order of the Falcon. They seem to be behind this somehow, or at least involved.

Even if you don't want to get tied up in this, it's still something to be aware of. Something out there is picking us off and leaving little trace. We need to be cautious.

Jacqueline Paix, Laura Fairbanks, Chet LaCroix -- murdered.

Pam Patel, Garrett Murray, Taylor Fletcher -- missing.

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