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Hello lovelies!

Okay, so! We have a storyline that I believe is still stewing in the background. We've all been busy/unavailable as of late because of holidays and work and evil oompa loompas but! I would love to get the ball rolling again in the new year to get the story going again. 

From what I remember, this is what the common knowledge is:
Colorado Springs had a rash of murders of awakened people, one being super bizarre and another being what one could only assume were executions.!

Laura Fairbanks: found dead in her home in April, gunshot wounds and a very clean crime scene. 
Investigation revealed that Laura Fairbanks was shot by a guy named Wiley who is proving to be pretty dang hard to pin down. Wiley seems to be part of an organization called the Fraternal Order of the Falcon, which seems to be a hunting lodge/masonic order/boy's club/whatever; it seems suspect. 

Chet LaCroix: found dead in May off a hiking trail, gunshot wound. Nobody cares about you, Chet. Go home. 

Jacqueline Paix: found dead in June, supposedly of hypothermia (still has some gunshot wounds anyway, apparently post-mortem). Jacqueline was of an established(ish) mage who seemed to do rituals and such with a coven comprised of four individuals (Evelyn, Devon, Odessa, and herself). Jacqueline seemed to believe that Evelyn betrayed her in some way, but in a way that she can't explain due to some pact with an ancient spirit (thanks Keeper of Secrets!)

IN THE MEAN TIME! Apprentices are still missing and while most people in Colorado Springs seem to trust Evelyn and the other mage in charge of making the place work, there are a few who are very suspicious of her. 

if there are things that you want to say are common knowledge to other PCs at this point:
Just post on here what it is and you guys can hash out how you got the information. In the mean time, I'm going to have a post up by the end of this week getting things back in gear.

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