Explosion in Denver Criminal Courthouse
In front of a courthouse in Denver, there were police cars and tape and all manner of things that made it look like an official investigation. There was the obligatory night shot of a car with its overhead lights flashing hte hypnotic blue and red that we've all come to expect. There were all sorts of things that said this was a grave matter, but what was most telling was the number of news crews that could be seen in the particular shot. In front of a camera stood a rather attractive Vietnamese woman with the stereotypical newscaster hair and the flawless skin that only came from makeup and dedication to keeping your skin perfect. 

"Today was a typical day in front of the Denver county courthouse, but concerns about security of this particular building have been brought into question. This ideallic courthouse, and the individuals inside courtroom seven B, found themselves the victim of what some are claiming may have been an act of domestic terrorism."

The camera cuts to footage of a tall, severe looking man being led from a car into the courthouse. He had lines around his eyes and a perpetual look of grim frustration as he walked into the courthouse. He was dressed in a second hand suit and seemed to radiate a sort of malice that marked him as villain without having to really say much, "Forty year old Darren Jensen was facing trial this week; as you know Jensen was considered to be the primary orchestrator of the what has come to be known as the November Incidents of 2016- a rash of violent crimes which were largely overshadowed by the tumultuous presidential election.

"Witnesses report hearing an explosion in room seven B- destroying seats, tables, and rendering the jury, legal counsel, and presiding judge Orlando Jimenez in critical condition. Those who escaped the blast have not been able to be reached for interview or comment. Due to the chaos, news crews have not been permitted to enter the scene, but anonymous sources report that the aftershock of the explosion shattered windows and multiple lighting fixtures. Miraculously, the explosion stayed relatively contained in the courtroom, leading investigators to believe it may have been a small grade incendiary concealed by Jensen.

"We will continue to report on this matter as information becomes available. For Denver Seven, this is Vanessa Truong."

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