Combat Primer: the ST series
Hello lovelies!

Thursday, August 10th I am running mock combat for all those who want some help getting comfortable possibly running scenes or even want help coming up with how to participate on combat-related (or dice-based) scenes more effectively. This is geared towards getting comfortable with chaos-on-the-fly

We will be covering:
-Managing NPCs and their stats
-Handling initiative
-Actions and their implications

Is anyone interested? Chime in if you are and your availability. I am also available August 7th if someone is interested but can't make Thursday. 

Interested, but depends on timing. Stoopid timezones.
The time I'm shooting for on either day is 7:30 CST if that works for y'all
If I'm around I'd like to sit in! It's been a while and I could use a refresher.
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Sounds like a plan! I look forward to seeing you if you can make it! It's 6:30 MST
Update: we may need to schedule for next week. I am being stolen by my parental units for an unexpected family thing

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