testing, testing, anybody out there
Heyo! So, uh, yeah. That last time I tried to wriggle back in here didn't work out super great, eh? I can't promise it'll go better a second time around, but I wanna give it a shot, 'cause it's been a million and a half years and I just can't ever fully quit RP, y'know?

So, yes. If folks are still about, I'll be submitting an initiate to the Mage game, uh, soon...-ish.......hopefully. Because I wanna play and also I miss all your butts!
I work full-time and school full-time, so, uh, don't count on me but I will do my best to be around sometimes.
We are around! It's a lot more low-key than it was, but there is still much to be done and good times to be had. Hope to see you soon!

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