Texting. [attn. Kiara]
It's been a while since Grace has talked to Kiara. She's not been around for months, since moving to LA.

Still. Kiara gets a picture of a tiny penguin in a sweater for a text greeting, followed by something more ominous.

"Ginger's a chatty girl. Keeps saying 'we are the creeps, when do we meet?' I say never."

"Let people know though, okay?"
That's the thing about Kiara. Time, it seems, has very little relevance as far as her relationships with other Mages are concerned. She always was the sort to simply turn up at a gathering after weeks of little to no communication with a ready smile and a glass of Merlot. Grace sends a picture of a penguin in a sweater. The Verbena is reclining in her bed as she reads this.

Her smile dims somewhat at the next chime.

You think something is coming? It was always worth asking the question, since always was often the answer. Will do. LA treating you OK?
Something's trying to get some attention at least.

LA is warm, relaxing. I can't complain. I built a waffle machine.
You'd think they'd get the hint and quit while they're ahead.

She built a waffle machine.

Atta girl. Sorry for stealing your man the other day btw. You know Will. If there's trouble. He's made friends.

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