Ring Ring (Attn: Margot)
"Three days. Around 2PM in the afternoon."

A weekend.

"Listen Swe-....Margot." Because pet names were liable to bring fire and some form of decibel even he was not prepared for. "I understand there is work to be done. Difficult work at that but I am a man dedicated to such things. I have done and seen much. Explored and known both betrayal and acceptance. I believe we have a path ahead of us that, though filled with uneven steps, can lead toward brilliance. Brightness. I hope that we can walk that path together. There are whole worlds out there to explore and you cannot know how happy it makes me to know you are finally here to enjoy them as well."

Genuine. Effortlessly, genuine. Like he was used to such things.

"You have my number now. You know when I'll arrive. I look forward to your call. Have a pleasant evening."
The cut-off start to a term of endearment sparked a flare of something hot and angry in Margot's chest, which stirred something deeper in her bones still. He wouldn't see her nose crinkle up with how he spoke of bright paths to brilliance that they could now walk together, but he did hear the cool steel (like a blade drawn fresh and clean from its sheathe upon the hill at the break of dawn before battle) tone in her voice when she answered back.

"From where I stand, I'd rather not hear what you have to say about dedication."

A pause. No sigh this time, just taut silence, and then:

"Goodnight," before she disconnected the call.

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