Christmas/New Years Day One Shots
Hey guys!

I plan on running something on both Christmas and New Years day MST. I don't quite know what I'm gonna do yet, but since it is far enough out I figure we are in good shape.

Is anybody interested in doing either, and if so- what is your availability?
Interested, yes. Available, no. *shakyfist*

Hoping to be around a bit more in the new year, shift pattern and head squirrels permitting.

I prob won't be back to civilization until the 26th, but I am totally around for anything happening on the 1st.
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I anticipate being around on New Year's Day, for the most part! Smile
I am road tripping to Arizona for Christmas... May be around-ish? I'll have computers and things. I have no idea if I'll be home for New Years, but I also have an invite to a nye party with lots of cats and dogs to play with, so that's probably out.

Christmas then is my best bet for availability!
Me, I'm down!

NYD is probably the better bet for me. Dayish would be better (pre-6p MST), but if that doesn't work for others no worries.
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Def interested! Might just depend what shape I'm in post NYE, but I'd be down for something around New Year's.
I miiiiiiight have a Christmas thing on... Well... Christmas. Which means the Christmas oneshot might be off. If I can get people hammered down for things, and there aren't too many Christmas takers, we can always start a free-hanging forum scene and set a "resolve in two weeks" timer on it

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