Mark of his Name [SL Updates / Planning]
Soo, it looks like I am going to do the Church finale with the folks from Celduin next Tuesday. Since it is a weeknight scene I am planning it will be harder for me to accommodate extra bodies (as I need to sleep at some point that night), but Celduin peeps, I can accommodate one more person maaaybe two in the scene if there is someone else you would invite along.

Once I finish that scene I will post an IC wrap-up. IF ANYONE ELSE HAS SOMETHING THEY WANT TO DO PLEASE LET ME KNOW. Beyond this scheduled scene though, I want anything else to arise from player actions. There are unraveled threads and if your character learns about them from another PC and/or sees them in the wrap-up post and wants to pull I will be happy to accommodate. Please let me know.

PS - Sorry to other folks, this was in wrap-up stage and/or at least "I heard about this from so and so" stage. However, I will schedule a couple of one-shots for the end of this week for people who have missed out, too. One one-shot will be umbral. The other will be physical-world.
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Ingrid wants to burn the Citadel to the ground and salt the earth afterward.

And, y'know, like maybe save some kids or something first.
Alexis still wants to help Shanae and Antoine. I'll PM ya his plan on that end. It's not complex.
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Oh yeah, Afro Daddy's similarly yearning to tear down Citadel.
niko & Cellatus -

Hee. Okay! What I will need from you guys is that y'all get together, OOC and/or IC, and figure out how you want to approach this thing, whether they would recruit other Garou to participate (and if so: I would love to see that recruiting happen). Once I know how you are going about it, I will set up a scene for you + whomever you wanna bring along.

For your planning purposes, here is what is known about the place:

- it receives some sort of gov't funding through block granting through the city of Denver.
- it is a diversion program meant to keep its charges out of Real Jail.
- it is experimental, this is the first year, there were 20 kids there. 18 now.
- it is set on a large piece of property surrounded by an electric fence.
- they reported to police that Dmitri escaped after threatening and attacking a staff member and there was a search for the 'escaped convict' kid.
- y'all found Dmitri's body.
- they share staff with rEEntry
- staff at rEEntry seem to be fomori.
- they report to the feds a staff-student ratio of 4-1, so that would be at least 5 staff at any given time
- they are engaging in religiousity similar to rEEntry w/those kids and some may or may not have turned.
- Dmitri, you know from Warren, was resisting the religious thing
- if they peeked over the umbra there is definite bane activity in the area.
- the staff have been double-checking the cemetary from time to time, they no longer take the kids hiking there. So they will discover the disturbed grave at some point

That's the information / complications. I am going to 'toll' the grave discovery because they aren't checking daily and some of what is going on now is RL / schedule stuff.

Ask me anything you like about the set up and chat with each other / anyone else you want to involve (again, OOC? IC?) and let me know what their approach is and then I can schedule a scene / scenes. Even if that is just "We are showing up at the gate with flamethrowers on Tuesday." (Which: yeah, might not be the BEST approach, but certainly would be interesting.)


Sam - Got it! I am going to reply to your FPM. Jen will take some time to investigate, et cetera, but if you don't hear more from me by say next Tuesday, poke me again.
But my heart is wild and my bones are steel
And I could kill you with my bare hands if I was free.

- Phosphorescent, Song for Zula
Jack is going to invite Ingrid along to the Celduin scene as long as no one tells him not to. And there are spots open OOC of course.

Because she is good at killing stuff.
Tamsin will invite Avery to the Celduin thing if Avery is willing and Kai is available. Smile

Uh, and Hector doesn't say no.
Kai is willing and genuinely touched by the inclusion but probably unavailable (if only due to very likely being dead exhausted). :[

Avery may be a Wyrmbringer but hopefully Hector doesn't hold that against her and when/if Tamsin invites her to Whatever It May Be, she will pass along that Christina Black and a couple of her cronies were roundly slaughtered on her terrace and have you met that young chap Erich Storm's Teeth, he's such a dear and essentially tore one of those cronies in half with one quick CHOMP and you and I should sit down for coffee one day and I'll tell you all about it, you'll love it but sadly I am otherwise engaged this evening and by otherwise engaged I mean I am nearly in Wyoming at the moment and I'm certain that by the time I ran back to Denver you and your stalwart brothers will be through and done with these villains and nothing will be left for me at all, not even a scrap. But do tear them to scraps, you brilliant thing, I will relish the tale when you tell it at the moot.

...only with actual sentences.
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Hector thinks Avery is the shit and won't hold it against her even if WTF Wyoming.

He also thinks Erich is the shit even if his hair is less fabulous and would totally rush into possible imminent death with him.

Ingrid can come too.
Ingrid is welcome Tuesday. Erich can come too if he wants though we may go too late for Damon? Enjoy Wyoming Avery! - this scene will be starting Tuesday at 8 EDT.

Second: the Saturday scene I am running will involve the Citadel now. I am updating the calendar. Thus far I think I have: Ingrid, Tommy, Erich, Thomas, Sophia signed up for that. I will accommodate others and will probably make it a hybrid cinematic / diced scene.
But my heart is wild and my bones are steel
And I could kill you with my bare hands if I was free.

- Phosphorescent, Song for Zula

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