Tie-Ins: The You Know You Wannaing
Hi there! If you're reading this, you either a) already play Vampire here, b) are considering it, or c) have read all the other forum posts on the Denver forum and are pretty bored and look there's a new post in Vampire wth might as well read it.

If c) is what brought you here, think about playing! Joey's been amazing, awesome, and generally inspiring. I know the whole 'meh, another online VtM game thing?' and it's been a hellova long time since I played it, but I think this has potential to be a really neat thoughtful game, and, y'know, no harm just dipping your toe in.

k, 'nuff of that.

If you're reading this because of (a) or (b), and you kinda wanna work out some character connection, feel free to PM me. I've got a pretty nice social(ish)(ish) Nosferatu named Jack. He's been around Denver for the past six years, and then there's a big chunk of time before that is just ripe for tie-ins.

Most easily done: Camarilla, Anarchs, or Independents. Mortals, too. Jack likes mortals, not just for eating! Sabbat are trickier, but maybe we could still come up with something cool, esp. if they're converts.

Still mostly on the c) side of the fence, but dithering toward b) and don't really wanna pm but mayyybe? Jack could use some coterie mates (ex or current or someone with more force and 'survivor' mentality to make the first 'ok we lost people let's coterie up' move). They don't even have to be Nosfertu. If you want a reason to come to a city that's recently been all upheaval-y, and you want to play Cam or Anarch, it's feasible you'd be doing Jack a big favor (and then he'd owe you), or you'd be repaying a big favor (and then that'd be neat backstory stuff).
Definitely throwing my hat into this thread. Big Grin

First, everyone should feel free to hit me up with any ideas for tie-ins or to discuss past interactions with any NPCs listed in the System Pages.

Now, on to my PC, Flood, a Lasombra and a badly lapsed Sabbat.

Flood's Lasombra line believes they're descendants of Uriah the Hittite, betrayed by King David of the Judeo-Christian mythos who took his wife Bathsheba, and blessed with unlife as a means of righting the wrongs of those wielding the divine right of monarchs and taking advantage of their subjects. This righteous ideal diluted through the nights to lashing out at the the empires of Greece and Rome, the monarchs of Europe's last few centuries, the pillaging of Manifest Destiny, and in Flood's case the oppression of America's Irish and Italian immigrant populations.

When I say he's a lapsed Sabbat, Flood observes the ritae he's called to and all that, but more like a parishioner who only shows up for the high holy days. He pursues his own ends, effectively rationalizing that the more power he has as a hand of the Sect and Clan, the better position all Cainites are in. Has a reputation for contracting himself out to the Camarilla, Anarchs, Independents, along with other Sabbat of course, though for the last pro bono to further keep him in the good graces of the Sect.

Flood's major periods of activity in Denver, be it in life or unlife, was from the turn of the 20th Century through the 60s, with some adventures and interests in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Chicago, maybe even as far as Boston, and other cities with established ties to criminal organizations like the Italian and Irish mafia.

He is active again in recent nights, though strictly in the Denver area. He hasn't got any status, staying below the radar, and all I just said about him working with vampires regardless of Sect? Well, that all got thrown out with the Sabbat's grand Siege of Denver, which he didn't even know was coming and wasn't really around for. He's really turning out to be a bit of a fuck up. His sister-by-Embrace, Paige Harrow, can be found in the NPC section of the site is an especially hard act to follow.

Hit me up if any of this resonates with your PC or ideas you have for one you're creating.
I'm gonna use the format from the Werewolf thread for mine!

Kali, Clan Ravnos
Place of origin: Shh, it's a secret! (Not really, she just doesn't talk about it. Ever.)
Current residence: Parker, Colorado; she largely operates out of Denver proper though however, uses an apartment downtown for most meetings and has a warehouse in East Colfax.
Potential PCs: Humans within her drug organization. No ghouls, though she could always take one on.
Potential Ties: Kali has spent a lot of time in both Europe and the US, though more domestically than overseas. She was in Europe from the end of World War II to the early '60s and then went to the US where she spent time in Boston and most recently (and for the longest time) Las Vegas. She has friends who connect her to the Anarchs and she is personally connected to the Camarilla, making either options, and she is known for her influence within the drug scene in both Vegas and Denver. And there are other possibilities for ties too! Just ask.
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I will steal format for Lux. Kind-of.

Lux! Toreador and Anarch.

Not too, too, too long ago as kindred reckon time she was Camarilla. Def. available for ties to just about any kind of character from just about any sect or no-sect as the case may be.

1950s --> present. Denver? Def. California? possible. Further East? possible, but less likely. Pen-pals? Lux likes pen-pals. A lot. So long-distance correspondence, also a def. possibility.

Her sire is - or was - a total prestigious Toreador badass. Also, one of Denver's Harpies. Charles Léandre […] Comtois. Charlie. He had other childer if anybody's interested in playing a sister or brother hit me up for details, because that might be/Toreador are cool. He sadly disappeared in the winter mayhem, either gone-to-ground or victim of the Sabbat's fury, but hey, blood's blood. Uh. Mortals welcome? Academic and High Society Ties, esp. likely to resonate.
Ways in which a person might know Ms. Amber Blumenthal:
  • Mother Iyzebel was an Israeli immigrant turned private prostitute working off Colfax, died of illness in 2008
  • Dropped out of RMCAD (Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design) in 2008
  • Painting contractor until 9/2013, might have been called to paint your renovated kitchen
  • Lives downtown with Flood the Lasombra
  • Has Police and Street influence
Ways in which someone may know Miss Molly Toombs:

-- Works as a trauma nurse in the emergency room of St. Luke's Hospital (HEY NIKO OUR CHARACTERS WORK TOGETHER Big Grin)
-- Frequents some downtown pub or another-- sometimes because this is where she visits with her college buddies, other times because she needs to drink in order to sleep through the night, knowing everything that she does
-- Attended the University of Colorado from 2007 to 2011, studying for her BSN
-- Grew up and went to high school in a coastal Oregon town called "Florence"-- it's not a very large town, so someone could know her from there?

It should also be noted that Molly is something of an adventurous sort when it comes to learning new things and tracking down interesting (read: terrifying) new supernatural creatures and occurrences. So! If your character happens to be an interesting supernatural thingy, that's an "in" in and of itself. Smile
Toreador Anti
  • Was born in the 70s
  • He's a Gen Xer
  • He isn't as smart as he likes to think
  • Lived and died in Seattle Washington (died: 1994)
  • Prides himself secretly on being one of the first ones blasting grunge music
  • Really likes Kurt Cobain, doesn't like Courtney but would love to meet her
  • Ran with a nomadic pack along the west coast, down to Mexico and then back up
  • Cut to the east coast and then down to New Orleans
  • Which is where he met her. Thorn in his side, splinter in his foot - the Yoko Ono of his pack.
  • Doesn't want to talk about her, pack is 'suspiciously' attacked - dies - all except for Finch and Blue. He doesn't know where Blue is but would like to see him again.
  • He finds beauty in the struggle of taking someone that was nothing and had nothing and building them up to such great heights, only to tear them down brick by brick all over again.
  • Has a really bad addiction to speed / stimulants. Faster, pussycat! Kill! Kill!
  • Likes to put himself where the 'money' is in the city
  • Doesn't foresee any happy endings so chooses to just destroy everything and watch it all burn.
If you really wanted a tie-in with Finch you could:
  • Play the girl that got left behind
  • Play his sire
  • Play his missing packmate, Blue.

Det. Rex Cutter
  • Was born in Boulder Co so would have ties to people from this area possibly
  • Entered the Marines straight out of high school, served for four years - particularly in Liberian and Bosnian conflicts
  • After his service in the Marines he moved to Denver and became a police officer. He could have ties to criminals, medical / media personnel from this portion of his career.
  • He's married with three children
  • Worked in vice and then homicide.
Oh snap new vampire here comes the tie-in post!

Llorenç the Toreador:
  • was born in Mexico but grew up in Denver.
  • was Embraced in the 1950s by a 9th-generation Toreador named Ariadna, who is still alive and giving zero fucks.
  • has a daughter who would be in her 60s; stands to reason he has grandkids or great-grandkids.
  • went to NYC with Ariadna in the '70s and stayed there for a while.
  • went out to LA in the '90s to help set some shit on fire.
  • could have popped up in other cities other decades just to see what was up.
  • sired 9 childer. One of his childer is 50 years dead and one of the younger ones hates the fuck out of him.

Llorenç's sire and oldest childe are going to stay Allies but if you're like "Aw snap I wanna play an 11th-gen Toreador who hates his/her sire" then follow your dreams.
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