A Note on Canon and Metaplot
There are a lot of discrepancies between 2nd Edition, Revised, and now V20, and a lot of stuff that only came up in individual clanbooks and supplements. In many situations White Wolf even leaves it up to the storyteller and troop of players to decide what has and hasn't come to pass in their chronicle. I'm going to let your submissions and histories of your PCs dictate what hasn't been mentioned below, and be updating this thread as regularly as necessary.

You don't even have to read below, since a lot of it won't be IC knowledge, or just clan specific, but for those of us who like metaplot I thought it might be a fun resource. This is just a general note for those of you who are curious what has or hasn't happening in our little version of the World of Darkness, especially as it pertains to Vampire: the Masquerade.

On to the news...

The Malkavians who were effected by the Great Prank in the early days of the Camarilla unknowingly forsook Dementation for Dominate, though not all sires and lineages of the Malkavian blood were effected by the trick. Some in the Camarilla kept Dementation, others kept it and left as antribu to the Sabbat. The Darwinian nature of both Cainite and Kindred societies took care of those whose madness could not be suffered. I leave it up to individual players which discipline, Dominate or Dementation, their sire passed on to them.

The Assamites have broken the Tremere ritual that bound them from consuming the vitae of other Kindred, and are therefore succumb to the previous clan weakness: an addiction to vitae. When an Assamite so much as tastes Kindred vitae, the player must make a Self-Control or Instincts roll (difficulty equal
to the number of blood points ingested +3). If this roll fails, the addiction rises to the fore, and she must make another Self-Control or Instincts roll the next time she comes in contact with Kindred vitae. If this roll fails, the Assamite frenzies, doing whatever she can to partake of more vitae.

There is a sizable faction of Assamites working toward assimilation into the Camarilla after the Gangrel clan largely left the Sect over a decade ago. This was due to Xavier, a Gangrel Justicar before his own desertion, believing he found proof of an Antediluvian acting in modern nights. Distrustful neonates that the news does trickle down to aren't sure if he made up this encounter as a casus belli for his own ends, but much of the clan followed his lead.

Indeed, the Gangrel have by and large left the Sect, though as any clan that values independence and freedom there are a number who still wholeheartedly support one or the other, or even count themselves among the Anarchs.

All Tremere members of the Sabbat are thought to be dead. Those who defect to the Sabbat after this blood magic holocaust of Final Death bear a mark in the form of a sigil on their foreheads. This mark is visible to any and all who remain loyal to the clan's Council of Seven. Ways of circumventing this may or may not exist.

The Red Star has yet to show itself as a portent of Gehenna, or if it has word of its existence has yet to spread throughout the lower echelons of Cainite society.

This also means the the Week of Nightmares either has not yet happened in our continuity, or if it has the truth of the matter has not spread to the general population. Reports of the activity of any of the Antediluvians and powerful Methuselahs have always been a common thread throughout the Cainite and Kindred rumor mill. If the Tzimisce progenitor, whatever Xavier encountered, or any of the other members or the 3rd Generation are indeed active, there is only a snowball's chance in Denver your character knows about it with any degree of certainty. The Camarilla go out of their way to stamp out these rumors, and even some Sabbat take them with a grain of salt and focus on the Crusade at hand.

Common knowledge amongst the Sabbat is that their Regent is Melinda Galbraith, a Toreador antitribu who governs the Sect (as much as it can be) from the stronghold and capital of Mexico City (less than a four hour flight from our fair city of Denver). Also, back in 1997, Giangaleazzo, Archbishop of Milan, defected from the Sabbat, burned the hallowed original copy of the Code of Milan and became a Camarilla Prince, after delivering Final Death to all the local Sabbat he invited to his little coming out party.

New York has been reclaimed by the Camarilla, though many of its outer boroughs remain contested domains.

And, as of the opening of our chronicle, Denver is one of the most hotly contested cities in North American (indeed in the Western World), but has reached a degree of stalemate that makes it both a meat grinder and resource pit with little glory to be had for the Sabbat or ground to be gained by the Camarilla.

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