Totem: Fog
Type: Wisdom
Traits: Children of Fog may add an extra dice to Subterfuge and Stealth Dice Pools. They also receive -1 difficulty to all Occult and Enigmas rolls and gain the Gift: Curse of Aeolus.
Ban: If a child of Fog ever reveals a secret to someone outside her sept, she loses one Willpower point permanently.

Purpose: First ones in, last ones out.

Hector "Echoes of the Lost" Ghosh - Fostern Uktena Galliard, Alpha
Tamsin "Cinder Song, Furious Lament" Hall - Cliath Fianna Galliard
Thomas "Thunder's Cry Echoes from the Sea" Delacroix - Cliath Shadow Lord Galliard

Willow "Ismene, Eyes in the Dark" Sanna - Fostern Black Fury Theurge, former alpha [KIA]
Glen "First Light" Coelho - Fostern Fianna Ragabash [KIA]
Maria "Hornet's Nest" Hawkes - Cliath Fostern Uktena Ragabash [KIA]
Corey "Gears of War, Spark Gap" Seger - Fostern Cliath Fostern Glass Walker Ahroun, former alpha [resigned]
Rabid Jack Rabbit "Law in War" - Cliath Bone Gnawer Philodox [ Sad ]

Allied Kinfolk
Lola Hawkes [Uktena]
Evan Reese [Glass Walker]
Samantha Evans [Glass Walker]*
various Fianna NPCs

Heck yes! If you like sneaking around, booze-fueled arguments about Middle-Earth, or surviving encounters with the Wyrm by the skin of your teeth, then this pack is probably for you.

* Only because Hector thinks she and Tamsin are lesbians. She might really be under Desert Oracles' protection. Whatever. She does what she wants.
tales referenced already about the pack's exploits
(will expand, maybe, as time goes on, with - maybe - links to the tales)

* The Story of the River
* The Story of the Last Stand
* The Story of Laughing Battle, Rabid Jack, and the Two Scary Old Ladies

Tamsin's Opinions

Hector: He's basically a fucking fool of a Took. But sometimes it's the little people! Okay okay no. He's not a fool of a Took all the time he's. He's good, okay? He's just good. If you want a story, fine. I'll tell you a - uh - a story.

Jack: FORTH-coming

the kinfolk

Lola: forthcoming

of the dead and gone

Willow: After Will died, I wanted to go away for a long time, but the others wouldn't let me, and I'm glad. You couldn't've met a better Theurge. She was fun, but she was secret. She was a secret. I don't - I think too much died when she died.

Glen: I still can't believe he's gone. I miss Glen. I wake up sometimes and think he's there about to cut my hair off but he's not and I'm glad. Then I remember, and I just fucking want to cry until my throat's gone and my heart's been silenced. I, um. Yeah, I can tell you some things about him I guess.

Maria: forthcoming

Corey: What can I say about Corey. The others died, leaving behind two Galliards and an Ahroun. I'm no peacekeeper. He left. Um, but maybe he'll, I don't fucking know. If the heir of Isildur can return, not that he's, oh man, he's so fucking not Strider, but. I - shit! I'm uh. I miss him, too.
a collection of brilliance and bullshit:
what echoes of the lost thinks of you

Tamsin: Don't tell her I said this, but I'm proud of her.

Thomas: He's definitely growing chest hair. I saw it. In his human skin, too, none of that near-man cheating nonsense. I told you I was going to make a man out of him.

Avery: She's such a badass. Anybody who can get Milton to stop screwing around and do something productive can definitely lead the entire Nation.

Charlotte: She kept my mate and unborn child from getting killed by exploding acid-blood. I don't know what brand of thank-you present that entails, but I kind of owe her more than a few.

Erich: Next time we're in a life-or-death situation I'll think about listening to him. No, shut up, that's all I can promise. He's a Shadow Lord. Bro or not, I need to maintain some room for error, here.

Ingrid: Homegirl is like the McRib, man. I can never tell if she's actually back or not.

Javed: This may just be the I grew up with an Indian dad yelling at me all the time talking, but sometimes I wish he wasn't so chill about everything. I have never seen him get mad. That's not normal.

Keisha: How much time do you have? I've got a whole ream of stories about how this pacifist-ass spirit-talker is a badass motherfucker. Sit down.

Milton: Oh, come on, THAT WAS ONE TIME. You'd have kicked the shit out of him too!

Phoebe: I'm really glad I met her. Let me tell you about the time--

Calden: Old-school cattle rancher in a state that loves guns? I'm glad he's on our side.

Éva: She kind of reminds me of this teacher I had in middle school. The same hotness-to-refusal to take crap ratio and everything.

Lola: Nothing I can say won't sound completely fucking corny so I'm just going to tell you to shut up.

Sam: Homegirl stole a Dancer baby out of a burning dive bar, man. She's a stone-cold badass. Also, she's really good at making birds out of typewriter keys.

The Departed
Caleb: Lola mistaking him for Jack is never going to stop being funny. ... whatever happened to that guy, anyway?

Jack: *wistful sigh*

Winona: I hope everything works out for her. She's got a lot of potential.

Corey: I guess everything worked out in the end. He still sucks, though.
when you're the last one standing
Lola Hawkes's opinions on the Pack and the Rest
(because this is the format the other two are using, so there)

The Pack

"Rabid" Jack: "I haven't met the guy yet, but I hear he's awesome. Heard that he's a Philodox Wolf-Born, and that he fights and gnashes like a Full Moon."

Tamsin Hall: "She's sweet and charming and loves big. She's a Fianna, though, so she's also intense and battle-worthy. She's been with my sister's pack for a damn long time, so she's like a sister to me too. I'd say if you fuck with her I'd nail your feet to a log and send you downriver, but she'd beat me to the punch herself."

Hector Ghosh: "I've known Hector for a few years and watched him grow up a lot in that time. He's a Leader now, and he's starting to wear the role well. ....Is there anything else? How about you don't worry about it and fuck right off, huh?"

Thomas Delacroix: "Oh, he's a young pup still. Maybe not in so far as his years go, but as far as how he presents himself? He seems like he's got a lot to learn, but he's on a good path to getting there. Hector's taken a shine to him, so I'll keep my eye out for him."

and, by proxy...
Corey Seger: "Fuckin' Corey, man. He fucked up bad. Not because of attacking Hector, not because of being really pissed off at everything and making awful decisions... But because he left. ....But, despite that? I still miss him and hope he finds a way back, and that Tamsin and Hector can forgive him when he does."

The Wolves

Javed Anubis-Sight: "He's a Fostern Ahroun first. A Silent Strider second, and a Metis third. I've had the honor of fighting beside him more than once, and he's worth every ounce of sin that it took to get him here."

Keisha Ballard: "Who? Oh! The hippie with the walking stick and braids. Yeah, Keisha. Y'know? She's a Child of Gaia and everything, but I like her anyways. Girl has a solid head on her shoulders and knows how to be sensible. I respect that."

Milton Kegler: "Huh? Oh. That fucking guy. He's like a ball of manic energy and sunshine's always falling out of his mouth and asshole both. Hector likes to blame him for me almost getting killed but I don't know if I'd be that hard on him. After all, he unlocks any door and puts his heart in the missions he's in, and he tells me that he blows buildings up."

All Others: "Oh yeah, there are others that I've seen here or there, or fought beside. A Shadow Lord, a Glass Walker. There was a Fianna I met once too. Overall, I think we're doing good here. No one I've run into yet that I feel a need to beat the shit out of anyways."

The Kinfolk

Calden White: "You know? I actually like Calden, and his family. Calden's got a good head, and he's calm. I had dinner and stayed the night at that ranch once, and they treated me right. Good Fianna hospitality."

Éva Jozsefa Illésházy: "I haven't had a direct conversation with this woman before, but I think she's smart. She's been supporting the Nation and watching the tides of War longer than most of us, so I'll let her words weigh heavy on my opinion."

Evan Reese: "Pfeh. The jury's still out on this one officially, but he and I don't mesh."

The Departed

Maria Hawkes: "Dad and I wanted her to stay with Forgotten Questions, because it was her place to. She was the Hawkes woman that was True Born, so it was her place. But she wasn't the type to be cooped up, and I'm glad that she didn't listen and went anyways. She had a great pack and lived a good, happy life for what it was. She's missed often."

Glen Coelho: "Good people, Glen was. He always shared his drink and let me in on the pranks. Treated me like a little sister, and it was refreshing to have a big brother for a while. He died along with my sister."
HEAR YE HEAR YE Thomas the Shadow Lord is now super part of Celduin. He's really good at biting Black Spiral Dancers.

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