System Scenes and Times
Argh! I can't make it Sad Times between 8 EST and 10 EST are typically out for me. If a miracle occurs and I end up free, I'll grab you on AIM Joey to see if space is still available.

thanks again!
So, I'll be able to get on around 8-8:30 PM EST. Yay for last minute updates!
Okay, had some fun with Samael and Shayla tonight.


Now, from what I'm hearing, I'll be grabbing whoever can make it Thursday during the day.

Big Grin
I'll probably be kicking off things in around an hour depending on who's around. See y'all then!
I'm not entirely sure if I'll be on tonight.

But if I am I'm going to run stuff!

And if I do it'll probably be from around 7 or 8 PM EST and wrapping around 11 PM or midnight EST.
This week is a little up in the air for me when it comes to scheduling.

I'll be around tonight (Monday night) for play and maybe even running stuff.

When I find out what the rest of my week is looking like, I'll touch base, but Tuesday is probably out. The weekend is pretty busy too. Full of engagement and birthday and other types of parties. (Edit: I'm not getting engaged. Yet.)

And of course! If anyone wants to touch base, and let me or other players know when you'll be around, drop a note here.
I'll be around a lot this week and plan on jumping back into some storyline stuff and/or a couple one-offs. If anyone has something in particular they want me to run just sound off here.

I know I'm going to be running a one-on-one for Jack. I think me and Tithe are working on doing that Monday (tomorrow) or Friday, so one of those times might get gobbled up by that.

Also, I've got a storyline in the works for the Anarchs and Nate. (That was a plug. We now have plural Anarchs. Yay!)

At the end of the week I'm going to be kicking off a Camarilla-and-Independents forum thread involving happenings in Elysium.

The makeup of any other scenes will depend on who's around to throw their PCs into them.

My availability will be:

Monday 4 PM EST through around midnight
Tuesday 10 AM - 4 PM EST
Thursday and Friday 4 PM EST through around midnight
Saturday 10 AM - 4 PM EST

What's up, y'all?
Heya Joey if theres any chance you could fit in some time for Mercy to try and figure out more about beast that would be awesome.
This week is easy, but it's also not. I'm about to vanish for some of today, and have things going on in the tonight already. But! Wednesday or Friday should be good. Saturday during the day, maybe, too, though one of these latter times might be given up to Werewolf. Smile Most of y'all I need scenes with are on AIM, so I'll be hitting y'all up there for specifics (or you hit me up, whichever).
Thursday or Friday sound like the best days for me to throw Everett into this Anarch fun. Smile

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