System Scenes and Times
Other than Monday or Satuday I'm good whenever!
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Sabbat party at The Emergency Room!

The only of those times that I'm not available is tonight, and I should probably not RP during the day because work.
My availability has been a little unpredictable the past week or two. If anything slipped between the cracks just let me know and we'll work on scheduling scenes, rolls, and all that!

Big Grin

The Elysium thread will be wrapping on Saturday. Anyone who hasn't posted yet and might have had a PC shown up is encouraged to do so.

Lastly, I'm going to be scheduling a number of scenes for next week (Sunday on) and will post the times I'm planning them for as the weekend begins to close.
Took a while to set this down here, but I know that Mercy and Jack have a few scenes that need your tender attentions Joey!

1. Jack and Mercy wish to go trapising through the Zoo to see what pops up.

2. Mercy is going to show Beast to Jack
Skunk + My Dog = My Dog Smells Like Skunk. Kind of threw my night off track.

Excuses, excuses.

Anyway, wrapping the Elysium thread some time tomorrow instead.
This week is pretty wide open for me except for Monday and most of Tuesday.

I'm going to propose a couple times, with the intention of running two or three Elysium-related combat scenes as well as these scenes for Jack and Mercy.

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: 10 AM - 5 PM and 8 PM - late EST

Saturday: All damn day to late.

Sunday: Mostly all damn day to late.

So, who's interested in getting in one these scenes? Give as many options for times as you're able and I'll set down some hard dates.
Samantha is down for some combat, and I'm available most days at work, if you're OK with my occasionally being slow due to... well, work Tongue

So yeah. Monday, Wed, Thurs, Fri during the work day.
I'm very much down! Mondays sadly no good for me, tuesday through sunday i can play, though Tuesday through friday would be from 3pm EST onward.
I am so down. Thursday evening would be best I think, but I can also do Friday.
Work just put up this week's schedule today, so all I know for sure is that Monday during the morning (provided I can wake up) might be good! That ESTs afternoon. Will update, though! Smile

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