System Scenes and Times
I'll toss Kali in, at least long enough so she can see what the hell is going on before possibly hauling ass. Big Grin

I'm available absolutely any day that is NOT Saturday.
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Early Monday will definitely work for me, though I have company from 1pm EST - 4pm ESTish. Wednesday before 1pm EST and saturday after 2pm EST will also work, but unfortunately because of my work schedule this week I can't make other times.
Monday, seeing as it's today, didn't really work out. I didn't give myself much notice because, in my head, tomorrow never actually means tomorrow. Hopefully one or two of these times works for Jess so we can squeeze in Jack and/or Lux.

I'd love to make the Friday and Saturday scenes into group ones if anyone else wants to sign up. Also, if you weren't able to post in the Elysium thread, your PC is still welcome to participate in these scenes. They could've just been standing quietly in the corner or something.

Scene Times

Thursday 8 PM through midnight EST
PCs: Mercy, Kali, Hawthorne, Everett

Friday 12 PM through 4 PM EST
PCs: Samantha

Saturday 2 PM EST through 6 PM EST
PCs: Eliza

If you want to change your time or anything like that just let me know.

Of the listed times, I can make the Thursday one - but I might have to bamf a little earlier than midnight?

(Apparently the reason the schedule was taking so long was for the planning and scheduling of an over-nighter - thanks for the warning, mgmt!)
Thanks for everyone's patience in last night's scene, it was a big one and a lot of combat to deal with, but the PCs definitely had a huge hand in the outcome of things. Good job y'all.

Just wrapped Samantha's scene. That's two down.

The last should be done by tomorrow afternoon. Expect a wrap post in the Elysium thread by Sunday night latest.

Have me a new Brujah who is currently taking his time, walking toward Elysium. Wants to have himself a Chit-chat with some uppity ups. Try and get something organized for either the next day or two, orrrr...some point next week. I don't know my schedule yet but I will look into posting something when I figure out if we're going to have reception where I will be in the next few days.

Just putting this out there though for consideration in the near(ish) future.
This weekend my availability might be a little touch and go too since I'm going to be on a farm.

But this certainly sounds like something fun to run!

I'm probably going to be opening this up to other players who might be interested in throwing in their PCs so it can be kind of a meet 'n' greet as well.

I'm thinking Saturday night will probably work? But that depends on your schedule too. Let me know.
So! This month's system activity was mostly dedicated to the Camarilla and Anarchs, so in order to keep things balanced I will be focusing more on the Sabbat PCs this September. I'll still be running smaller scenes for the other Sects and Independents and continuing storylines that are currently going on.

I have a storyline planned that can involve Vee, William, Flood, Bertram and Tommy, i.e. any Sabbat PC whose player can make it. It should be able to get resolved within two to three scenes, though one or two of the scenes may involve multiple sittings or even take place in the forum. Things may get very hairy so consider the threat level to be high.

Scene 1 is going to be an introduction scene for the storyline.

Scene 2 is going to have a bit more action and depending on how fast we dice may take two sittings.

Between Scene 1 and Scene 2 I may try for a breakaway scene with just Vee and William. If they... You know... Both survive that long.

Scene 3 is the one that is probably going to take place in the forums.

Anyway, I'm thinking of kicking this off following the holiday weekend.

Next week I'll be around:

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday during the day.

I can also do night scenes most weeknights with notice.

And next weekend I should have a lot more availability, but haven't fully worked out my schedule yet, so I can make it work if anyone is thinking they want to get it going then instead.

Thoughts? Comments? Howling rage? Sound off here.
(08-29-2013, 09:15 PM)Joey Wrote: Between Scene 1 and Scene 2 I may try for a breakaway scene with just Vee and William. If they... You know... Both survive that long.

[Image: tumblr_mh3lq98VYE1qzsuq2o1_500.gif]

That said, my nights are probably better than my days, but if that's what works best for everyone else I can try to RP, but bear in mind I'll be MTing work and play. I'd prefer to have 100% focus.

Friday night I have a thing, but all the rest of the week I think I'm pretty open, schedule-wise!
I'd like to throw Tommy into the mix, if you guys can put up with my awkward schedule. I can probably swing any day during the day next week (though since I'm at work, I may randomly have to step away), or can make a weekday night other than Wednesday (if it doesn't run past 11 EST).

Tommy's ready for a little danger!

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