Running Down the Truth [ Challenge for Truthcatcher ]
The Bone Gnawer Philodox, Law in War, finds his way to the Sept of Forgotten Questions, leaving the clearly marked trails once darkness has fallen in order to seek out those dangerously wild places where Garou congregate.

He finds the place he is looking for and pitches up a howl at the sky.

A howl to a certain Garou and unleashed at the moon above from the challenge circle. He'd yet to step inside the place, yet to make a claim or dispute another's. Until now. The howl's origin and who it addresses may conjure up more challengers. Never let it be said Jack is not transparent - at least when he's not playing the part of door thank to his stout and thick frame.

Jack looks every bit the savage enforcer, like he could bring a crowd to heel with the right growl or yawp, though he isn't so sure he knows exactly what he would do with such a crowd having been made Chair of the established order.

But there is only one way to find out. One thing his rearing instilled was a lack of shame. That and a yearning for adventure.

Gertrude "Eyes for an Eye" Barr is the Fenrir Forseti he howls out his insistence of challenge to.
[ACK. This slipped completely off my radar. Insert awesome challenge that Jack wins here. Apologies!]
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