Desert Oracle
“We are not human beings on a spiritual journey. We are spiritual beings on a human journey.”
Stephen R. Covey

To see to the spiritual needs of the city of Denver and surrounding areas, be they healing, spirit negotiations, or protection of Wyld territories.
As of 3/2014 Phoebe is Ritemaster for Cold Crescent and Keisha is Keeper of the Land for Cold Crescent.

Themis the Dream-Weaver


+0.3W for packing under Themis
+1 Enigmas [shared]
+1 Gnosis to each
Prophetic visions at ST discretion

Themis will never choose Glass Walkers nor allow her children to learn a Glass Walker-only tribal Gift. Too much of the Weaver exists in these things.

Current Members:
Phoebe Stavros, Sings the Spirits to Rest, Siren of Persephone, Fostern Black Fury Theurge - Alpha
Keisha Ballard, ~Still Waters~, Cliath Child of Gaia Theurge - Beta

Past Members:
Sophia Aprenos, Treads the Ashen Path, Fostern Silver Fang Theurge [Left pack]
Winona Bogdan, Over Sea, Under Stone, Cliath Silver Fang Theurge [Left pack]

Allied Kinfolk:
Georgios Stavros [Pheeb's little bro]
Alexis Theron Lambros, Black Fury Kinfolk
Daphne Harrington-Ballard, Allen Ballard, Child of Gaia Kinfolk [Keisha's aunt & uncle]

Places of Note:
Phoebe/Georgios' House: 7706 S Crocker Ct, Littleton, CO
Keisha's Apartment: Near a UCD campus.

If you play an unattached Theurge there is a 9/10 chance Phoebe is already looking for you.

Totem Points
-6: Themis
-4: totemphone
Keisha Still-Waters Explains it All


Phoebe: I'd had two near-packs not happen and was starting to wonder if it was me before Phoebe approached me. The idea for the Desert Oracle pack was all hers and the moment I heard it, I was in. She's heard my story and she understands who I am; we're of one mind on many issues and the ones we aren't, we respect each other's stances. I'm proud to call her my alpha.

Winona: Don't ever let them tell you "There's only one kind of Silver Fang." There's all the variety in the world, and her variety is beautiful.


Avery: There was a time that Avery came close to possibly being a packsister. While it didn't happen, she remains a friend. I have a lot of respect for her.

Ingrid: I don't know why we work so well together; we're almost polar opposites. But we seem to regardless.

Jack: We've had some adventures together and he's come out on top every time. Whether battling hatred diamonds, giant centipedes, zombies or anything else, I've been able to rely on him having my back.

Sam: I've only met Sam a couple of times but she's already one of my favorite people in this city. She was literally the first person of the Nation in Denver that I ever spoke to, aside from my aunt and uncle. And I'm supremely happy that there have been other times to converse.

Sophia: Once a packsister, always a packsister. So much like me in some ways, and so much not in others. I don't always understand her, and that's okay.

Thomas: We grew up in almost exactly opposite situations, and yet there are ways in which we're so very alike. Sounds like an argument for nature over nuture to me.
"The anger of a good man is not a problem. Good men have too many rules."
"Good men don't need rules. And today's not the day to find out why I have so many."
~ The Opinions of Phoebe Stavros ~

Keisha: Some bonds go beyond the ties of totem, tribe, auspice, blood. She is more capable for her age than any Garou I have met. I am proud to call her sister, and if you so much as look at her wrong I will claw out your eyes.

Former Packmates
Sophia and Winona: Their hearts may have led them elsewhere, but I will always be fond of them.

Avery: She's very...good. Not in terms of quality, that would be a terrible understatement. She's very kind, warm, and bright. She is an inspiration.

Charlotte: She avoids me, so I don't know her personally, but she is very clever. Despite her quiet demeanor, she seems bigger on the inside.

Erich: He acts more from his heart than he does with his head. This is not a bad quality in a leader.

Hazel: Adorable, and very eager to help. If you see her tell her I said hello.

Hector: Where do I start? He's still experiencing the growing pains of being a leader, but he is good people and I will have his back in just about anything.

Javed: We may not always agree, but we work well together when the situation calls for it. He is a strong ally.

Alexis: Kind, capable, and thoughtful as well as dependable.

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