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Sid gave some thought to Sera's offer, she really did. It's been a couple of days since rooted out the Orphan's possible connection to the Hermetic who was sure he knew her from somewhere. She thought about it, and she decided she doesn't want someone else to act as go between, whatever her ultimate decision is.

So. Sometime Wednesday afternoon or into the early evening, Hawksley gets a text from Sid.

Sera thinks you and I were in Oxford at the same time.

Not "were at." Not "went to." Probably it won't matter, that alone might be enough to jar his memory. She looked different then, though. Acted different, too. She was a different person. So maybe. She's careful not to imply she may have attended that school or any other institute for higher learning. Out of habit, really.

Just in case.
Oxford is a city. Well, a town. Well: which do you call a place with a population in the low six figures? Point being, it's a place, not just the university, though if you're an American who loves science and has quite the head on her shoulders in a crisis,

one may decide it is fair to make some assumptions.


is the first text Sid gets back.


And the second. He doesn't drop the caps after that, because how else is he to convey his excitement?


Okay, so upon the fourth time he blows up her phone, he starts to chill out:

Actually, wanna grab a drink and bitch about English food?
my whole life is thunder.
It's a good thing that unlimited texts is a thing - then again, even if it weren't Sid neither sends nor receives that many in the course of a month.

That's irrelevant. What matters is that Hawksley sends a barrage of texts that Sid doesn't answer right away. Maybe she's thinking it over. Maybe she's freaking out. He can't tell, he's not there (sidebar: she's just considering), but it's a few minutes before he gets a reply.


And then:

I don't like sports bars, but I feel like we should meet at a sports bar.

Because if they're going to bitch about English food, shouldn't it be someplace that screams 'MURRICA! ?
Pour House has a good roof patio if you don't mind Red Sox fans.

That text comes almost immediately. Because of course it does. Because of course Hawksley has been here all of a month, if that, and already has Opinions about half the clubs and bars in the city. Including sports bars.

Maybe he's hyper, because about two seconds later:

Freshcraft is about two seconds away if you get sick of the Red Sox fans.
my whole life is thunder.
Sid's reply is almost instant, and comes like a hand slapping down a vote between two choices, not a response to an offer to hit two places in one night.

Roof patio. Are you free this weekend?

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