A Note on the Blood Bond and Ghouling
As with vampires, any taste of vitae is enough to move a mortal along the stages of the Blood Bond.

Even a drop will do, just as only a drop is enough to Embrace a drained corpse, and is able to subject them to the addictive and euphoric properties of the vitae. In this way it is a tonic that causes many conventional drugs to pale in comparison.

A full blood point (for measurement's sake let's say around half of a pint for the average 13th Generation vampire, though a cup or even a tablespoon for the blood of 5th or 6th Generation Elders) needs to be imparted in order for ghouling to be initiated, though. Upon imbibing a full blood point, aging is stopped and disciplines are conferred along with all the other boons and banes of being a ghoul.

This helps to explain how many Camarilla vampires can have loyal and sizable herds without threatening the Masquerade, how not every enthralled politician under a Kindred's thumb is actually a ghoul, and differences between the Allies, Retainers and Herd backgrounds.

The rules for sliding along the Blood Bond scale for mortals are still in effect, with foregoing even a taste for 12 minus Willpower months necessary to move down a step. This is in no means an easy task. Ghouls who lose their domitors and even mortals who have developed a taste for the stuff may begin to seek out other sources, and sometimes by force if they don't wish to be under the control of another cruel or indifferent master.

Challenging Willpower and Self-Control rolls may come into play, and though their difficulty becomes lower the further from fully Blood Bound the ghoul or mortal becomes, the addiction always remains and will rear its ugly head whenever vitae or the vampires that possess it present themselves.

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