Shoshannah's Chantry Activity
Uh, she moved in whenever it was that Padre got rid of her, and claimed the smallest bedroom sort of tentatively, but has since made it one of the prettiest decorated rooms in the place. Madamoiselle Scorpio likes her fine things, even when she's ballin' on a budget. Maybe especially then.

These are things she can commonly be found doing, some of which can happen anywhere on the property:
  • Cleaning/tidying/making sure everything is nice
  • Meditating
  • Soaking in the hot springs until she's dizzy (for which I blame Annie's mention of doing the same)
  • Reading/researching in the library (to which she's added her own books, for now)
  • Practicing skills necessary for warding/maintaining wards
  • Communing with spirits
  • Being creepy/angsty/sullen/etc.
  • Tending wards
  • Hanging out at (sometimes IN) the node, and tending it
  • Keeping the inside nice, including rotating decorations - just wait until Halloween, folks
  • Hanging out with Callisto and other ambient spirits (mostly nature and small, one imagines)
All of the above, plus:
  • Completely decorating the inside of the house (with Sid, Lena and Kalen's help)
  • Working on projects for the outside of the house (chicken wire, glow in the dark dress forms for the front lawn, amongst other things, like so.)
I'm too lazy to put this in another format, but girlie decorated again. Here's a vague description taken from an IC scene post!

For someone with no life outside of the Chantry and minimal transportation into the outside world, Shoshannah has been remarkably difficult to find of late. During the eight nights of Channukah, the menorah that appeared on the mantle was lit every night, and it's since been removed and put away to make room for a more traditional Christmas sort of decor.

She hadn't been lying in the slightest when she told Connor that she liked to decorate. Shoshannah is a girl who thrives on pretty things, and she has remarkably good taste for her age. Unfortunately, her remarkably good taste also isn't cheap, so anything big she wants to do takes place in stages.

And so the stockings are hung by the chimney with care, one for each Awakened person she knows in the Denver area, whether or not she's seen him or her at the House. There's a tree, and goodness only knows how she wrestled the giant tree into the corner where it stands tall and full, skirted and everything. (In all likelihood, she got Sid or Kalen, or both given the sheer size, to help her.) This is where she's found, with music playing on the stereo - traditional hymns, mostly, but the occasional pop tune fits in here and there - as she flits here and there, too and fro, adding holly berries or strings of popcorn or lights or decorations . . . like Halloween, Christmas isn't a halfway thing to her. She may have more personal connection with the more spectral holiday, and more religious connection with the Jewish festival of lights (Pan, Sid and Kalen all received little presents outside their room all eight days - little bags of gold and silver-wrapped chocolate coins, dreidls, and so on), but Shoshannah is an equal opportunity interior designer.
  • Spring Cleaning! Everything not locked or otherwise inaccessible to outside air has been straightened, dusted, and aired within an inch of its life. There are also little bunches of early spring flowers/plants (snowdrops, etc) all over the place.
  • Library list additions: Adam, Leonhard
For Passover, there was a traditional, Kosher Seder for anyone who was interested (even if it was only Shoshannah). Word went out via phone calls to the people for whom she has numbers with a "invite everyone" clause. The whole thing went like this (Cliff Notes version, but complete with appropriate recitations in both Hebrew and English) and took several hours, bordering on vigil length:

Kadeish (blessings and the first cup of wine)
Ur'chatz (wash hands)
Karpas (appetizer)
Yachatz (breaking of the middle matzah)
Magid (relating the Exodus)
  • Mah Nishtanah (The Four Questions)
  • The Four Sons
  • "Go and learn"
Rohtzah (ritual washing of hands)
Motzi (blessings over the Matzah)
Maror (bitter herbs)
Koreich (sandwich)
Shulchan Orech (the meal)
Tzafun (eating of the afikoman)
Bareich (Grace after Meals)
  • Kos Shlishi (the Third Cup of Wine)
  • Kos shel Eliyahu ha-Navi (cup of Elijah the Prophet)
Hallel (songs of praise)

Because this is an interfaith Seder performed by a woman (who says to hell with any god, most of the time, but then keeps to ritualistic traditions), there are certain changes - an orange on the Seder plate, a cup of water next to Elijah's cup, and stories/discussion of peace, freedom, and tolerance at various points during the ritual.

I have a partially written moodpost about this, but! It's long and involved and was already started before Pesach, so who knows when I'll get it done. Just so y'all know your character would have been invited and may have been present. If you're interested in knowing more (assuming you don't know more than I do already, which is a silly thing to do), a google search will get you tons of information.

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