sid's chantry activity
Sid is going to start hanging out at the chantry on the weekends and maybe dropping in about once a week during the week effective immediately. She will spend this first weekend crashing out on couches, and then she's going to claim the second floor corner unit with windows on two walls. Then she will cover most of the surfaces with potted flowery things and at least one spider plant to live on the dresser.

The bulk of her time at the chantry will be spent in the library (once she has clearance). However, she'll need to take breaks of she'll go blind. So!

What she does on her study breaks:
  • Helps Justin with gardening - double Green Thumbs mean double the paradise!
  • Helps with repairs, particularly to the stable (Ariel if we don't get to scene this sometime, know that Sid will be asking Justin a zillion questions pretty much the whole time)
  • Will (try to) convince Shoshannah to knock out the screen on her window so they can hang on that roof section at night sometimes
  • Installs a lock on her door
  • Replaces any of Justin's beer that she drinks within a few days

In the event that the chantry fills up with legit residents, Sid will give up her room

Worth a note: Sid has this really awesome nebula tapestry/blanket (pic in my gallery) that she will sometimes use to go read outside in the shade. It's 8'x10' so there's more than enough room for others to hang with her if they want.
With Justin off gallivanting and unlikely to ever return, Sid has done what she can when she can to finish up any repairs left undone around the grounds.

That barn's pretty nice. The fences are pretty okay. She's stopped tending to most of the yard work stuff since it's starting to be fall and the world needs to start tucking itself into bed for the coming winter.

She does, however, keep the greenery around the node lush and awesome because it appeals to her greatly to have the area around the renewing font of energy to look lush and green and awesome, even though she never uses it.
Sometime before the solstice Sid found a time when there was unlikely to be many if any other Mages around, and she slipped into the Node spring for a soak. After a few hours, she pulled herself out, dried herself off, and brushed her fingers over the poor cold plants nearest to the spring. Then she bundled herself up and hid in her room until who even knows when in the evening, when she disappeared from the property.

niko @ 2:10PM
Roll: 5 d10 TN7 (5, 7, 7, 7, 7) ( success x 4 ) VALID

niko @ 2:10PM
Sid you overachiever you don't have Avatar 4 (yet)

Samael @ 2:31PM
Ahahah, nicely done. Big Grin
As of tomorrow, 3/29, Sid cast a rote as detailed in this post.

The deets:
Basically the grounds around the Chantry (approximately 5 acres in diameter with the house roughly in the center) are green and lovely and beautiful, with sturdy plant-life that will survive regardless of weather or drought conditions.

There are ivy-vines climbing up one of the walls outside, an herb garden for Shoshannah, and numerous plants said to help in the restoration of the honey bee population.

This effect will last until late September.
Sometime before the middle of April the corner room on the second floor that feels like boundless, desperate euphoria has been cleaned out. Sid's removed the lock that she installed last year, replaced it with the original knob, but left the lock in box near the tool kit in case some other resident at least as paranoid as she is moves into one of the rooms. Bedding and linens have all been washed and put away, and any personal effects (clothing and plants mostly, some books) have been removed. All except for a neatly folded black blanket, left at the foot of the naked bed. Unfolded, its dimensions are around 6'x10', and on it is the colorful image of a nebula. A Post-It note, neon green, has been pinned to the cloth with a safety pin. The note is simple, and written in Sid's precise handwriting:

Feel free to borrow. Good for stargazing or laying out on the lawn.
- S

Stuck to the fridge with a simple, circular purple magnet is another note:

I was offered a position at Frisk Biology and my first project is overseas. Will be unreachable by phone until at least the end of July. I'll update online when I'm back in the States. If you need to contact me I can be reached at [email address].
- Sid

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