Chantry and Library Access
Full-time Residents
  • Annie
  • Sasha
  • Leah

The Chantry house is usually open to any who need access, provided at least one of its full-time residents is at home. The doors are locked at night and whenever the house is empty, but copies of the key are available to trustworthy mages who wish to acquire one. (Talk to Annie.)

Node access is always open to anyone who wishes to use it responsibly.

The Library is guarded by a security system which is currently set to low level. Anyone wishing to gain access will need to enter a digital passcode which can be obtained from anyone else who already knows it. Books may be read anywhere on the property, but must be returned when finished. (There is a note about library access posted on the wall next to the door.)

[In practice: none of these security measures are intended to keep you guys from playing chantry scenes. Everyone is welcome to assume that at least one of the NPCs is at home when doing scenes at the Chantry (and if you want a key, just talk to me and we can probably make that happen.) As for the library, anyone can get the code from anyone else. You don't need to snag a scene with me to take care of that anymore. Annie is pretty chill about library access - so long as someone is able to say 'yeah this person seems like they probably won't burn the place down.']

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