a telephone call [mood]
T: Hi, Mom.
M: Tam. It's been a few months since last we heard from you. How's life?
T: Ok. You know, just
M: Actually, no.
T: What? Oh, hell. Mom, don't
M: I do not as a matter of fact know. Are you still living with Maria and those boys?
T: Um, no. I mean, one of the boys. Hector.
M: Is he your boyfriend?
T: [SNORT] No!!
M: Well how should I know? Is he gay?
T: Wow gee so a girl can literally only have a male roomie if he's gay. Christ, Mom. Like that matters.
M: That's not what I said, Tamsin Gillian, and you know it.
T: …
M: Look, I'm sorry.
T: It's not just him anyway, there's another guy who's kind of cool. But we're also not sleeping together, which would be like the grossest thing, so chill.
M: So. [pause] You're finding the artist's life fullfilling.
T: Yeah. It's ok.
M: …
T: There's a lot of traveling and I'm learning new things all the time.
M: Are you making money?
T: Yeah. I mean, musician's wages, but yeah.
M: Tell me you at least have a roof over your head.
T: Geez, you can make good money as a singer these days. You're acting like you don't have any faith in my voice or my fingers after all those guitar lessons.
M: It's not that I don't have faith in you, honey, but it's a cold hard world out there. I just don't want to see you get hurt.
T: How's dad?
M: He's just waiting for you to get the wanderlust out of your system.
T: Uh, it's not wanderlust. This is the way I want to live. The way I have chosen to live.
M: Be serious for once in your life. You can't keep living the way you're living, never a fixed address, always on the move. How do you even work up a following that way?
T: It's called touring
M: You don't have a website
T: It's called busking, and
M: And clearly, you're living in Tamsin-world, just like always, where real-world rules need not apply.
T: I live in the real world. The world I live in is a lot realer than the one you live in.
M: Oh really.
T: …
M: Look. I hate being the bad guy, especially since you call so rarely,
T: I wonder why.
M: So I need to say this all right-away, I can't ease into it when I don't even know when I'll hear from you again. How do you think we're going to feel if you disappear off the face of the earth?
T: Probably not as bad as I'll feel, what with um the disappearing.
M: Tamsin. When are you coming back? I know you're talented, but talent will keep. Academic Achievement --
T: Can be forged? With the right connections?
M: Ha, Ha. College, law school --
T: I don't want to go to fucking law school. Why can't I make that clear? Can't you just drop it? I just, um, called to
M: Language. You used to want to go to law school.
T: No. Dad used to want me to go to law school. I wanted to
M: Be a hobbit, I know. But since 'hobbit' is not an actual occupation, law seemed like a really good fit for you. Why did you call?
T: Why? Lawyers have to be slick and soulless. I called to say hi. That's all.
M: And eloquent, and persuasive, which you can be.
T: So not gonna argue the slick and soulless part. Ok. And - Really? Because I can't even talk myself out of this idiotic conversation.
M: [Pause.] I think you just did. When you're ready to take some responsibility, actual responsibility like an actual adult, or even just some sign that you're not just squandering yourself and living on the street, call us, we'll be here.

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