Music ... brings the people ... together ...
Or something like that. Anyway, one of my favorite things about my gaming friends is the vast variety of music to which I'm introduced by them, some of which goes into permanent rotation on both my internal and external mixtapes. So! I give you the music thread. Most of the links (mine, anyway) will probably be youtube. Have fun!

This song is by a band that has a song that inspired a scene, or possibly mini-SL, for Changeling when I have players. They also happen to be from my home town, though I didn't hear of them until recently, long after I moved away from there. Genre is, for this song, juke joint blues/jazz with a big hit of honky tonk slow jam? But the band in general is a fusion of lots of things, many of which include old and/or odd instruments that give everything a very vinyl, old school feel.

These guys played at a local convention and I adored them both musically and personally. They're very much a performance art troupe as well as music! I give you my two favorite songs because I couldn't pick one.

So, southwest Michigan - Michigan in general, really, but especially there - has a pretty amazing music scene. This is another hometown group and in a point of random trivia? The lead singer was one of my first campers way back when I was a wee camp counselor. It's kind of weird to see how hot she is now when I remember her with braces and as this tall, gangly, awkward kid. Not that you can see that here! but still.

This is a great idea, Court! I know it always feels like everyone else listens to cooler music than I do, so I always appreciate these things. I might also start up a song dedications thread (or someone else can, I am cool with not doing a thing heh), because sometimes those songs will actually make it onto a PC's playlist.

Just a note: I am pretty sure that I've left the settings in the forums wide open for file size or character limits or whatever, but if anyone has any problems let me know and I'll dig around in the background.
Again, I met these guys at a convention. They're bigger than most of the bands I see play there and have the egos that go with it, but they're really nice if you can get past it. In another point of random trivia, the kid in the sidecar is my oldest daughter's pen pal (and her little sister is my middle's), so when I go on my eventual West Coast Tour we have an open invitation to crash with various band members - not that we probably would. The came out of the Seattle goth scene and discovered steampunk! And again, two videos.

I love it when people sing in their natural accents. I give you Tom Felton (aka Draco Malfoy)!

My favorite video of this song isn't on youtube any more, but this one will do. Another Michigan band - Lansing? Grand Rapids? Somewhere, anyway. I think Andy introduced me to them, but my baby brother knows them too.

This is how I was introduced to Macklemore and subsequently blown away. Also, it amuses me that he hates Thrift Shop almost as much as I do - just look at him. He wants to flip tables and say 'fuck it, can't I do more of my good songs?'

(Must resist the urge to link everything in my spotify library...)

So yeah, I go through a lot of music. Some of it's new, some of it's just new to me. But here's a selection of the super awesome stuff I've been obsessing over lately:

And actually, the first one is totally props to you Court! Because you linked me to this album and I subsequently fell in mad passionate love with it. So thank you. And your brother. *g* Anyway, this is "Julius" by Starfucker, which is now one of my favorite songs of all time.

Here's one I just found last week. "Lady" by Chromatics, off of Kill for Love.

This is actually an album I've been geeking out over for a long time, but since it hasn't gotten the recognition it deserves I'm totally advertising for it. El-P's Cancer for Cure is a legitimately amazing hip hop album and probably one of the best I've ever listened to. I've used many a song in character playlists. This one is "Works Every Time."

And speaking of hip-hop, I am so in love with the new Kanye West album. "New Slaves" and "Black Skinhead" are like... *melts into a puddle of musical joy.*

Another album I've been really into for a while is Shields by Grizzly Bear. I never got that into Grizzly Bear before? But their newest album is just gorgeous and melancholy and perfect. This is "Yet Again."

Danger Mouse released a new album (Rome) a while back with Daniele Luppi, Norah Jones and Jack White that's pretty kick-ass. I think my favorite track is "Problem Queen."

I'm not so into the Temper Trap usually, but this is a really good song. "Leaving Heartbreak Hotel."

If you like dream pop, another cool one: "Mute" by Youth Lagoon.

You guys know how much I love Beach House right? Bloom is one of my favorite albums ever. It's so lush and gorgeous. "Wild" is my favorite off the album, but really the whole thing is pretty orgasmic. Anyway, I think this is a pretty good way to end my massive music post of doom.

I thought I'd have a list of cool songs to share, but I'm really out of the loop sometimes with cool new songs. So here are a couple of cool old songs!

First up, Information High from the Macross Plus soundtrack. My favorite song from my favorite installment of my favorite anime franchise.

Yuksek's Tonight. Give yourself some space you're probably gonna wanna get up and dance.


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