Shoshannah and Sid's chantry activity
Sid and Shoshannah have commandeered the living room and are turning it into a rec room, since there is so much space.

What they are NOT doing: Remodeling, painting, no major cosmetic changes of any kind

What they ARE doing: It's more of a reorganization.

What people will notice "after" that unnamed forums scene (we don't know if it happens when it finishes or if it's a fixed point already, so):
  • The console and bean bag from the "rec room" hav been moved to the TV in the living room
  • The couch in front of the TV has been pushed back to make room for said bean bag
  • Shoshannah has moved all of her guitars and stuff to that section of chairs in the bottom left corner to make a "jam corner"

There is a note affixed to the fridge with a magnet, written in Sid's crisp, stupidly legible handwriting:
Sid Wrote:The living room is too big and empty, and the rec room is much too small, so Shoshannah and Sid are reversing the polarity. If you would like to assist, please do. Here are the rules:
  1. Nothing permanent (paint, wallpaper, etc. are right out)
  2. If you want something small that's just for you, you should supply it
  3. If your something is bigger that everyone might use, add to below list so everyone can decide
Things we want
Foosball or pool table?
Shoshannah's addition to the note is just as neat, but has an odd cant or shape or something that marks it out as foreign - sort of like the way that you can tell something was written a long time ago, but not.

Quote:If you break my strings, please replace them with ones in similar quality and materials. I'm picky about my sound, which I'm sure surprises no one.

Edited to add that the instruments are an acoustic electric guitar, a mandolin, a banjo, a ukulele, a jazz dulcimer and a lap harp, all pictured in my gallery.
So I made changes to the floor plan to reflect this, but I wasn't totally sure how you guys wanted it to look, so let me know if it needs further adjustment. The coffee table downstairs had to be removed to make room for the bean bag. I can try and re-place it but there doesn't seem to be a good spot. As for the sofa/jam area, if you want me to rearrange the furniture, I can. As I mentioned to Court, the only stringed instruments that floorplanner seems to have are 2 colors of electric guitar, so I kind of had to fudge that.
Hmmm well, Sid would be very against getting rid of anything that had been in there, since none of it is really theirs to toss, but otherwise it doesn't much matter to me how it's represented. The beanbag will probably get moved around on a scene-by-scene basis, anyway. Like if Justin, Shoshannah, and Sid have a movie or video game night on some weekend-night sometime.

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