texts from last night [attn: lux]
From: Nathan
Thu, Jul 25, 5:16am

Well - my head feels like a DMZ and I have 7 more dollars in my wallet than I left with. But your friend tried to tell me vampires are real so at least I wasn't the drunkest person on the street last night?
From: x. dubois
Thu, Jul 25, 5:18am
? What friend? You may have drunkenly hallucinated them.
From: Nathan
Th, Jul 25, 6:31am

Maybe if we were in a Disney movie. Dragon slayer girl.
Technology makes subtlety difficult to achieve without high levels of security clearance and the backing of an entire government agency. Even that isn't a guarantee anymore.

Lux awakened one fine Sunday night in September to see she had missed a call from Nate at 6:41 on that morning. Maybe she called him back or texted him. But he didn't answer.

Monday night the same thing happened but the time stamp did not match. Instead of near enough to the crack of dawn to catch the attention of someone who worked night shifts he tried at 10:29 that morning. Still didn't answer if she volleyed with a text or a phone call.

Tuesday night. Woke up. 2:37 in the afternoon. Missed call from Nate.

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