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(08-01-2013, 11:13 AM)-ix- Wrote:
(08-01-2013, 10:12 AM)Samael Wrote: I agree with Kai. I think I'm kinda in love with that sculpture.

It wants you to love it. It wants you to give it all of the power. And then it wants to gallop over here and devour my soul!

How can you not see that?!?!?!

What makes it even creepier is that that sculpture killed the artist. It fell on him and severed an artery. So they call it the demon horse.
(08-01-2013, 08:37 AM)FadedNoel Wrote: What makes it even creepier is that that sculpture killed the artist. It fell on him and severed an artery. So they call it the demon horse.

"The anger of a good man is not a problem. Good men have too many rules."
"Good men don't need rules. And today's not the day to find out why I have so many."
omg Faded Noel, I went to OU too and I know that Stallion you are talking about, was attending when it first went up! The artist is pretty fab! Ok I love the eyes. They totally creeped out tons of churches in OK and a lot of people decided it was a satanic statue ( i am not kidding) and tried to have it banned. I kid you not.

So funny.

It just looked totally.. untamed to me. Free, wild, and completely spirit.
Oh, wow, a Sooner into WoD around the time the stallion went up? I wonder if I know you. *stalker*

I played a little game of Dark Ages Vampire around that general time, and it was my first tabletop experience. Oh memories.

So anyone who has scened with me knows that I sometimes take ages to post in because I obsessively try to figure out what Denver looks/feels like.

I found this the other night during a scene in Federal which was helpful to me / some other people in the scene and went to it today for reference again then decided to link it for posterity.

Lots and lots of pictures.

This is the 3rd pic of 'this morning' I've seen so far. And I was tempted to take one of the moon heading towards the mountains on my way to work, too. Don't know what it was, but there was just SOMETHING about this morning in Denver.

Sidebar: this is the prettiest of the 3, by the way. Look at that sky.
my whole life is thunder.
YES! All the way into work this morning I looked at that huge white disk against the grey of the cloudy sky and went DAMN IT IF ONLY I WEREN'T DRIVING. What a morning to catch all the green lights on the commute =[

The sky here is so pretty, though =]
Oh right. I was downtown this past weekend and took a bunch of photos for y'alls. Sorry for the ones that are blurry or just plain shitty; I am taking donations for a new phone if you want to contribute.

Bucket drummer on 16th Street Mall taking his shit seriously:
[Image: IMAG0035_zps734d856a.jpg]

Pedicab dude at 16th and Stout (you can see the edge of a light rail stop at the top left). The Mall Ride shuttles go on the road to either side of the lamps/trees; pedicab dude is in the center but they go all over:
[Image: IMAG0036_zps43f77a97.jpg]

Speaking of the Mall Ride:
[Image: IMAG0039_zpsf9526f55.jpg]

This is the terminal at Civic Center Station. Those things are seats that swivel flat, but given how high they are and how small they are, only small children with long legs can really sit on them:
[Image: IMAG0043_zps486e3cce.jpg]

The fountain (dormant for winter) outside of Civic Center Station. Denver is full of smart people:
[Image: IMG_20131215_132256_zps433044fa.jpg]

This is the entrance to the Christkindl Market:
[Image: IMAG0040_zpscad7d253.jpg]

Good question:
[Image: IMAG0041_zps6ae3d58b.jpg]

I actually did not know until I arrived that there was ice skating downtown. And it was right outside my hotel, and free. I did not go. :[
[Image: IMAG0042_zps9b1c38f6.jpg]

View from my hotel room. Don't know if this little park has a name or not, but it's a neat one:
[Image: IMG_20131214_163647_zps6c20451d.jpg]
my whole life is thunder.
In which I commentate on a buncha pics:

The sad thing, Kai, is I look at those pictures and my reaction is:

bucket drummer? Food for Vampires!

Pedicab guy? FOMORI!! He's about to change into something REAL BAD! Run girl in pink coat!

Christkindl Market? Changelings, run! Those bears are gonna come to life - and try to EAT YOU! Ditto that … statue of a … blue bull with a leather feed bucket strapped to his muzzle forever.

And those are super super cool nightish pictures, Niko. Big Grin

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