Returning That Which Was Taken [attn: kai/niko/ix]
[[Kai: I know you said you didn't want this to be a scene extension so if this counts, then the TL;DR version is:

Keisha plans to call Warning Threshold or whoever she has the phone number for at Cold Crescent, explain the situation and see if they can send people out, since they can bring something that will allow CoH & Kelly to be transported, and the apartment needs to be cleaned and cleansed.]]


The call comes into Warning Threshold (if she has a number for him, or whichever Guardian that Keisha may have the phone number for otherwise) around 7:15, 7:20 on Tuesday evening, as the sun is beginning to sink from its spot high in the sky, where it sees all but says little. When she gets an answer, her response is quick, rushed. She's more concerned about the person she just pulled out of an apartment room full of unspeakable things.

"This is Keisha Ballard. I'm with Ingrid Kim and Thomas Delacroix. We found Champion, and we're in Glendale. The address is [INSERT ADDRESS HERE], Apartment 25 and we can't really leave on our own without concern of raising attention. We have someone else who was here as well, possibly hostile, who can be questioned. If you can send anyone, we really could use the help. If not, we need some advice on how to transport them. Champion's not conscious and I don't know exactly what his condition is, outside of 'fragile.' There's also...a mess. A very big mess."

She looks to Ingrid and Thomas as she does her best to clean the gore from that horrific, blood-caked room off of Champion of Honor, to see if there is anything else they think she should add.
"The anger of a good man is not a problem. Good men have too many rules."
"Good men don't need rules. And today's not the day to find out why I have so many."
Thomas has nothing to add to Keisha's summary. He stays quiet, preferably where he has a clear view to where Keisha is tending to Champion of Honor, their prisoner, and the door. Once they receive instructions or assistance from Cold Crescent, he'll work with them to do whatever is needed to prepare for transport or cleaning the apartment.
Ingrid has nothing to add. She sits on her haunches in lupus, staring at their prisoner calmly. But he knows. He knows just as any prey animal knows when they come into contact with Dances With the Hurricane.

She will rip out his throat if he moves.

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