So Much Education! (Has to come in handy sometime, right?) [attn: Kai, Alexis, Sam]
It had taken time, given that what connections Winona'd had in Phoenix she hadn't cultivated as much as she should have and even if she had, their reach didn't necessarily reach as far as Denver - still, the Silver Fang Theurge has subject knowledge and the credentials to back it up.

So much sweet talk. So many smiles. Eventually, though, the plan comes together - two sets of whatever a couple of volunteers in a certain Wyrm-y charity might need, one hopes.

[This is pending Kai's approval, but assuming she gives it Alexis and Sam have their in. Sorry it took me so long and I hope it isn't redundant!

Watching and Rolling @ 1:13PM
[Winona's stuff first. Um. Charisma + Subterfuge, getting kin into interesting volunteer jobs via knowledge of social work and public policy and sheer charm!]
Roll: 5 d10 TN6 (2, 7, 8, 9, 10) ( success x 4 ) VALID
Watching and Rolling @ 1:18PM
[Also, things that should have been rolled first: Intel + Academics for knowledge of proper process!]
Roll: 6 d10 TN6 (3, 3, 6, 8, 8, 9) ( success x 4 ) VALID
Tithe @ 1:20PM

Looks like it worked pretty well to me. Assuming I rolled the right things!]
[I think you meant to attn: Liz. Sam and Alexis are involved in the MoHN SL.

Also hot damn! That was some sweet talkin', Winona!]
[[Yup, this is MOHN, so it falls under Liz's approval! Glad to be in the loop though.]]
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[Yeah: I think! that was attention me. And heh, I'm really sorry guys, I owe some folks some replies that I meant to get to this week but I seriously doubt that I will be able to do anything before I leave on vacation. OTOH I will have the world's longest car ride on Friday, so I may actually spend some proper time on this in the car since I can't read while riding through the mountains.

HOWEVER: CC this is uh, a pretty insular place annnnd if Winona is going to sweet talk someone involved we should probably have a scene! Which will have to wait until I get back. I am back, FYI, 8/9 (maaaybe) but probably 8/10.

Seriously, sorry guys.]
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[Hah! I can't keep track of who's running what. Yes, then, attn: Liz! And waiting until you get back is fine, because it's also after I'm back. Yay, synchronicity! Or some of it, anyway, as timing for us is pretty difficult. We'll work it out!]

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