Okay, so, my turn on the rotation is coming up starting next week. I was going to wait and ask for availabilities a little later in the week, but seeings as all the systems are filling up that calender mad fast, I wanted to get a head start.

I'm not going to add to all the SLs going on across the systems at the moment, so these will just be whatever-I-think-up-on-the-fly combat scenes. Be aware that there is always a risk of permanent character injury or death in my scenes.

Here are the dates that I'm shooting for (all times are site times):

Sun 8/11
Whenever - 9pm

Fri 8/16
1pm-5pm (Howl is running something for me in Mage that night, so 5 is a hard stop)

Fri 8/23
7pm - Whenever
Afro Daddy
sign-ups closed

Sat 8/24
6pm - Whenever
sign-ups closed

I'm going to cap these scenes at four players, but hopefully there are enough days that no one will get left out.

Sign up below!

Let me throw Hector in on the 23rd. I'll be home from work around 6PM Eastern/4PM Mountain. I think. I don't have next week's schedule in front of me. #wildcard
I would also like to throw Caleb into the scene on the 23rd. Smile
Updated! Also, you guys can sign up for more than one scene if you want!
I should be good for scenes by 8/23 and 8/24.

Toss me in for Saturday. Just in case there is all the delays in Internets, I can totally pop in from a place with coffee and wifi. Smile Also, there is a library right by my soon-to-be home which may have daytime Internets.
Me. Every time. All the scenes that are not Saturday. (Unless other people fill them up,) I WILL HAZ NIKO STs!

That's three so I'll go Keisha on 8/11, Alexis on 8/16 and Javed on 8/23!
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I might be a little bit late, as 4pm is kinda early for me to manage being online typically... But I would LOVE to throw Lola (Kinfolk) in on the Friday (8/23) scene!
That's totally fine, Kenna, we can start a little later. What's a good start time for you?
If I don't get off work early, I would get home at about 6:45pm or so. If I can get off work early, it will probably be around 4:45pm instead.
But if need be we could find a way to enter Lola a little later than the Wolves? I'm flexible. Smile
We can do that! I'm going to change the time to 5pm MDT then, and if you can't make it until later we'll figure something out.

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