It is the job of the Ragabash to question. Question motives, question tactics, question question question. There aren't many young Ragabash as active as Dances With the Hurricane, not many as quiet as her, either. Like Javed, rather than running off at the mouth, questioning just to question, she speaks only when she has something to add. Her expression is for the most part impassive. Except: When Erich mentions attacking one of them, him, almost getting himself and a few others killed. Something of her expression tightens oh so slightly. It passes.

When not!Charlotte speaks, when Éva and Erich, the Uktena kinswoman, all of them speak up, she listens, and she considers.

"I have heard," she says finally, when all have had their say for now, "that Cold Crescent is an offshoot of Forgotten Questions." This of course is hardly secret knowledge. "Tactically, it is a better launching point for a defense of the city than the Caern. Perhaps the question of 'why' is not that there is anything particularly special about Cold Crescent, but a matter of logistics. Take out the tower. Burn the city to the ground. Then launch an assault on the older, more settled sept from a position of greater power."

It is just one option to be considered.

"Or. Perhaps the key lies in the Warder who will not allow himself to be questioned by Cliaths. Has anyone thought to question his brother?" Because she didn't, not until that very moment when she remembered the presence of that brother at the last moot.
Erich nods in enthusiastic agreement with Lola. "I wouldn't be surprised if they were more than just Dancers. I mean forgive me if I'm wrong but <i>even Elders fucking bleed</i>. This guy, I had to chew him like a squeak toy before I tasted a single drop of blood. And yeah, he wasn't there waiting for us, as far as I know. I mean I was just there for two-for-one steak night. I dunno why everyone else showed up. I think it was just ... our paths crossed and he started ranting and I was like OH HELL NO.

"As for why not attack FQ if they're so strong -- well, maybe the fact that Cold Crescent's less defensible is precisely why they're targeting us. And maybe they <i>want</i> us to all concentrate here, so then they can go strike at a less well-defended Caern."
"That would make sense," Lola adds. The Galliard she sat next to seemed to exist in other places in his own mind, and as far as his Kinfolk by tribe and by pack was concerned that was just fine. He was a Galliard, and even though he Alpha of his pack she knew they weren't necessarily a war-driven pack of Garou.

Lola, though? She was an Ahroun at heart. She ate this shit up.

"That right there--" to what Erich had just mentioned, "--is exactly what I'm worried about. They're drawing our attention in on the city, but why would they want Cold Crescent? No offense, but it isn't even a fully-fledged Caern. It has nothing at its heart to be taken over or corrupted or killed... whatever it is they want to do with it. It's just a place where the city-wolves band together."

The Kinfolk's dark eyebrows furrowed together and she shook her head. Concern and worry wrote novels across her face and caused typically smooth skin to wrinkle and crease when giving way to this frown.

"I know it's important to keep the Spire to ourselves.... But isn't the Caern-- the proper one with Gaia's spirit within it... Isn't that the more important thing to keep safe? Especially now, with all this mayhem?"
And once again they say it, only this time there's a deep scoff and a grunt from one corner of the room. He hadn't been hiding there. Its almost impossible for someone as disproportionately tall and long of limb as him to hide anywhere. But he had been silent for the most part, perhaps still dumbfounded at the turn of events. And from the uncharacteristically uncombed state of his hair, this meeting caught him by surprise.

"No, cold crescent serves no purpose. Except as a garrison. When the city packs that patrol the city have to run to ground, they run there because Forgotten Questions is too far away. No caern maybe, but its a building fulla pains in the ass. We may not be a danger to them but to their children..." He echoes the quoted Spiral now, reminding them that they may have been given the answer. "...We are death. They can't have cubs and cliaths with Cold Crescent around. We do have something to corrupt, and they've corrupted it. Hit us where it hurts.

"That doesn't mean that Forgotten Questions isn't the target. If there's an attack on the caern, the preparation for it would likely come from the city. A rally point in the woods would be too noticeable to be of any use. Then again, if they've become something more, that probably wouldn't stop them. So...we can't figure it out. So what? Why not figure for both? If Cold Crescent is just a building with an address, then there's nothing they can take. There's other spots in the city. As long as we're still here, stickin it to 'em. But on the chance that its not, we look into it. Dig deeper and find out what they're after.

"And while we're doing that, put Forgotten Questions on alert. Matter of fact, reinforce it."
The Strider listens to everyone as they speak. He nods at Hector and Erich's assertions that the attack was happenstance, conceding the point. They were there and he was not; they would certainly know better. The is a warrior who thinks of each strike with purpose and that's the direction his mind turns to when analyzing his enemy's--their enemy's--moves. But not every assault and every action is the result of carefully planned missions. Sometimes war spills out into the domain of circumstance. He asked, it was answered and he leaves it there.

Ingrid, whose voice he recognizes from his first encounter on the streets with Denver's Garou, speaks up and discusses the purpose of Cold Crescent; the tactical reasons the Beloved Horror may have for taking it down. She also asks (like a Questioner of the Ways should) about the Warder and a brother whose attitude and sudden presence, respectively, she finds curious. His brow furrows, considering, though that is set aside for the moment as the suggestion is put that Cold Crescent is a distraction to drew resources from Forgotten Questions, making it vulnerable to attack. It is even suggested that the city Sept is just a gathering point, a garrison.

He doesn't bristle at that, but he does frown a little. "There are many septs around the world," he says, addressing none of them in specific but rather the group, "as Caerns fade away or run dry from repeated efforts against them, where there is no Caern. They would disagree quite strenuously that they serve no purpose but a gathering point from which to launch attacks from a better location, even with another Sept nearby. All Septs are haven, home, and yes, gathering point and garrison. And they are all essential. It is my understanding that the Cold Crescent was not chosen at random; there were specific reasons that brought us there."

He gives at assenting nod in the Glass Walker's direction at his suggestion. "I would agree. The matter warrants further investigation. And at the same time, the Forgotten Questions should be fully apprised, if somehow they are not, and bulwarked."

A pause there, before continuing. "Where, then, does the investigation begin?"
"The anger of a good man is not a problem. Good men have too many rules."
"Good men don't need rules. And today's not the day to find out why I have so many."
"I'm down with checking out the place where we found Champion of Honor," Erich says. "It seems like the only lead we have right now that's a place we can comb over."

[since the moot started! i think maybe we should move toward wrapping this thread up and taking further discussion to the Cracking.]
"You got people to go with you? he asks, but obviously feels uncomfortable asking it. he was new, or at least relatively so, and couldn't tell the different packs on sight just yet. He bristled, trying to hide that..what was that? Shame?

"Personally, I'd like to look more into cold Crescent's past. Anybody who wants to team up with me on that is more than welcome. We also need folks to go up to Forgotten Questions and work with their warders. That's teams one two and three. I know we're all hurting right now but its not time to stand still. Its time to pick our teams."
After speaking up the first time, Charlotte and whoever she carries with her are both quiet. Charlotte listens, looking a little bit eldrich and a little bit odd and does not speak up to defend Cold Crescent as a Place or a Thing of importance because in truth it feels wrong to her; and alien and strange and she belongs to the sleeping earth and the dreaming sky rather than the gleaming things that interrupt the sky but:

Erich is down with checking out the place where they found Champion of Honor.

The Glass Walker asks if Erich has people to go with him, and Charlotte, who remains close to Erich but closer to Melantha in this gathering, gives him a sideglance. A curl of a shoulder. A look or a Look that curls like a leaf into this slip of a shy (yes shy) glance. "You should come with us. If you want."


And, Éva has remained for much of the meeting as well. Standing against the wall, in her dark suit, her leather handbag still over one shoulder. Other than the questions she asked early in the meeting, she does not interrupt. And does not contribute. Does not participate in the discussion, though she follows it, oh she follows it with a subtle flicker of her dark eyes.

Near the end, she has dipped to retrieve the briefcase. Checked the watch that drifts around her left wrist, all gold links and gleaming dial. Fixes Thomas with a steady look that does not quite (never quite) meets his eyes. It is a constant calibration, to slip between the worlds of men and wolves, but see how finely she shifts gears.

He would like to look more into Cold Crescent's past.

"I've started making inquiries," once more, her voice is pitched to carry through the room, but low enough to require a certain degree of engagement, of concentration, "in the human world."

This subtle twist of her mouth, which looks wry but is nothing like it. Part of a mask drawn over - grief, yes grief, and an anger that feels depthless and unbounded when she is alone, and unobserved, and it is dark, and the house is still, and her children are sleeping in their beds, and there is moonlight through the windows and that well manicured xeroscaped lawn around the well manicured, bound and gated home and beyond that the high plains, full of a vast and shifting darkness and she allows her chest to open up around it and tries not to picture the -

the -

oh, Jane.

- but here, call it measured. Call it, steady. Call it, unbending.

"Research into the property records, titles, deeds. The construction, the church. The history of the land. Et cetera. It will take some time, but I'll share what I learn."

There are, after all, histories and histories. Éva is marooned on this side of the gauntlet. Half the simmering world closed to her, deaf and dumb and blind to all but the immediate, the physical, the almost-human.

"If you are willing to do likewise," So she offers him a business card, with her contact information. And turns to take her leave.
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The Strider speaks up again crosses his arms over his chest, listening to Erich, Tommy and Eva commit themselves to tasks. When the kinfolk is finished, he speaks up again. "I am happy to aid in tracking from the point where Champion of Honor was recovered, if you will have me Hunting suits my talents better than investigation. Otherwise, I will be happy to work with the warders at the Forgotten Questions, or helping with the investigation"

He pauses. "Perhaps an additional team, or an additional task for the team working with the Warders, is needed. Or even an extra responsibility for anyone who can. While Cold Crescent recovers, the city is missing its patrols. Perhaps packs or associations of unpacked Garou can take on some of those duties in the interim, for the safety of all."
"The anger of a good man is not a problem. Good men have too many rules."
"Good men don't need rules. And today's not the day to find out why I have so many."
[Officially calling this thread to a close from On High! Feel free to wrap the discussion however feels right to you! Or if it's easier, some Adren comes in and shoos everyone to scatter. Uppity youngsters! *shakes fist*

Points Raised/Questions Asked:
- How did Champion of Honor get possessed?
- How do we stop ourselves from getting possessed/corrupted like that?
- What does the Beloved Horror WANT? What's their target, and what's their end objective? Do they have one?
- Why are they attacking Cold Crescent? Is it related to aims at Forgotten Questions? Is it about logistics/weakening a stronghold or is there something special about Cold Crescent?
- How are they so powerful? / Are they not 'just' Black Spirals anymore?
- Why won't the elders or Warder of Cold Crescent even answer questions?
- What was that about their 'children'?
- What about past interactions with this pack with either sept?

To-Do List:
- Investigate the apartment where Champion of Honor was found.
- Further investigation into 'Why Cold Crescent?'.
- Further investigation into 'How are they so powerful?'.
- Further investigation into lack of response from Cold Crescent's elders.
- Guard duties for Cold Crescent. (This is going to be 'assumed'; the Warder may not be taking questions but regular patrols have been reinstated... just by volunteers :[ -- a great way to throw random open scenes together, however.)
- Bulwarking Forgotten Questions. (They don't really... need the help, but will welcome additional guard patrols. Can also be assumed/background.)

Let me know if I missed anything!]
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