Stepping Up [attn: kai]
It's been a trying month for the Garou of Denver and its environs. Losses have struck deep, and everyone associated with either Sept has to have felt it in some way or another. Keisha Ballard is no different. Though a relative newcomer to the Sept, she's experienced first-hand what the Beloved Horror can wreak upon them, felt how deeply they can sting. She knows that feeling well and like the others, she is still reeling. But there's one thing that Keisha knows above all: now is not the time to hide and lick your wounds. Now is the time to step up. Like any crucible, this is where you rise or fall.

It is with that in mind that she goes to her alpha, her packsister, and asks her to teach her the Moot Rite. She takes to learning it with all her dedication, sets herself to mastering it between their work at cleansing, soothing the spirits in the wake of the Cold Crescent incident.

And when she is certain, she makes her way to Forgotten Questions to speak with the Elders. Sets staff tip to ground; holds her head high.

"I challenge for the position of Caller of the Wyld and Master of the Howl for the upcoming moot."
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