Poll: How should we do moots?
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The same way we do them now: 1 per month, with 1 week of posting time.
3 23.08%
One played-out moot every other month with 2 weeks to post.
8 61.54%
Some other way. [If you choose this option, please make a suggestion in the thread. Otherwise the vote will not be counted.]
2 15.38%
Total 13 vote(s) 100%
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Moot Frequency
I'm considering changing our moot structure for the system. One per month seems too frequent, at least within the current flow of the game. Also, since by and large we are a player base made up of people with a lot of other responsibilities and interests, one week seems rushed. Hell, I'm the administrator and I can't always keep up in a timely fashion before it's time for me to close the moot threads.

What I'm thinking of is holding 1 played-out moot every 2 months in the forums, as we do them now, and extending the time the threads are open to 2 weeks instead of 1. In Character, the moots will still be happening every month on the full moon, but 'off screen'. The ones we actually play out will be every other moot. However, I can see that option presenting problems of its own, and I know there are plenty of other options.

Please reply to this poll, even if you do not have additional comments or questions. I want to make this decision fairly quickly, so let me know what you think.
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I like the idea of one played out moot every other month, but two weeks to post? That's potentially two weeks of sitting on IC information until our characters can actually use it.

My suggestion is every other month yes, one week for posting still.
I voted for one played-out moot with two weeks to post. I offer this as a former player-of-Galliards who told stories at every moot. Story-writing is haarrrd. I love them but sometimes it doesn't work out so: having more time to write them is great. I think also more time for other sorts of posts is also nice, especially when they are greater issues with greater impact. In short: I that's why I like the two-week window.
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Don't play in the system but this has long been a complicated issue for Online play as Moots tend to be intensely important and importantly tense moments of revelation and progress for the Werewolf community.

That said, Online the part that usually takes the cake, is the Cracking of the Bone. Replies, Info and Explanations are all pretty heavily oriented there. Each of the other sections requires time or a quick post for introduction's sake.
Some suggestions:

A) Trim your Moots down to just the Intro and Cracking, and make a Permanent Thread for 'Songs and Tales' and 'Revels' that stays up in the Forum, for folks to post into. Not just the individual who Leads these sections, but anyone. Treat it like a 'Community Mood Post Thread' where folks can chime in on one moot or another with Character reactions, stories, consideration of events, perspectives etc. Obviously those with Offices would have much more incentive to post into the threads, but those Offices could also be responsible for setting the Monthly tone of the Moot.

I.E - If the Talesinger (and their player) states at the beginning of the month for the moot to come, that She'd like to hear some stories (not an obligation) about Loss, Sorrow, Grief and Remembrance, than it gives the players an entire month leading up to the moot to fashion those stories and post them.

Should the character responsible for the story Die or Something major happen in before that moot, then there's nothing to say that said posts can't be edited to reflect or simply deleted if the character wasn't present to deliver.

B) Treat Songs and Tales as a Monthly Journal thing for Galliards? Make a permanent thread and have some form of active reward or table available for Galliards who participate. Talesinger can again set the mood at the beginning of the month, and those who throw in stories by the 'Tale Cut off Date' can receive some form of direct Renown reward.

Could have Varying difficulties for Performance/Expression rolls depending on when during the month they are speaking (As dictated by the player). I.E - After a Major Battle, On a whim under a particular moon, or at the Moot itself infront of the entire sept. Higher the diff. the Greater the reward potential.

This would help to remove some of the ambiguity of player a galliard who seems to have a spike in validity during moots but not much chance to tell stories outside of personal scenes (if the post isn't too big). Could also be used for Rites of Accomplishment, Praise, etc.

c) Split the Cracking into several Stages: Challenges, Sept Politics/Information, Prophecies/Warnings/Threats or something along those lines. This helps to separate a lot of the congested and mixed levels a Cracking can have and gives folks stuff to orient on, rather than sifting through posts in a single thread for the relevant info. they might want/the right time and order to post in.

And for a more simplified method that doesn't insert too much new stuff to get used to...

D) Could always make the Tales and Songs/Revel/Opening Howl, open for 2 weeks, while the CotB is just the one week.
I'm going to go ahead and respond to that idea:

Sorry, but that won't be how we run things. Moots will continue to have an opening howl, cracking, songs and tales, and revel that occur at each moot, and PCs or NPCs will play the leadership roles in those sections. Galliards and others are of course welcome to post or play out storytelling sessions between moots or go on hunts/have parties outside the official revel. The latter happens in oneshots and general RP, the former would be a nice thing to see.

Also, PCs are going to continue being allowed to bring whatever story they want to tell (or their player feels like writing) to the moots. Setting a theme or tone is a neat idea and I get what you're going for with it, but it's too limiting.

Galliards (or other PCs) who participate in the songs and tales already get a significant reward for doing so, whether they're the month's Talesinger or not. :] As far as validity outside of moots, it's in the system pages already that Galliards have the biggest role to play in journal-time kudos when it comes to affecting other PCs' renown. Beyond that, it's really up to players to give their characters validity and purpose, and I think Galliards have a lot of freedom in how they achieve that.

I don't mind at all when people add an Expression or Performance role for the opening howl or for telling their stories (flex them stats), but it's really based more on how well they write it and play their character. You can make up for a lot in sheer moxie.

As for C)... let me think about that one. Because the cracking does get 'congested' at times and things overlap depending on when people can post, etc. That may change organically due to IC events, but it's something I want to mull over. But I do think that the Cracking, as much as any other segment of the moot, needs more time. In fact, it's the reason I think the moot needs more time to begin with.

Them's my thoughts! I wanted to make it clear the directions we definitely won't be going but keep the discussion open around things that might work. Also: re-submit your character already! Big Grin
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I am totally for the bimonthly 2-week moots. Yeah, that's potentially 2 weeks of sitting on IC info? But right now it feels like moots have hardly begun before they're done, and hardly done before they've begun. And CotB, imho, is the section that MOST needs to be open for 2 weeks.
I'm not mad at our current way. It's kind of crunched for time, sure, but it's efficient.

Also: I like Harv's idea of breaking up the Cracking of the Bone into sections. It would make it easier to navigate!
I don't hate the current way, but two weeks would give more time for interacting. Also, while I'm not planning to move again for a bit, If a week falls square on midterms/finals, I'm not going to to lie, I'll just give you more rushed story posts like this month's.
I'm really sort of torn on this, because the current set-up, 2 weeks per 2 months and niko's plan all have their definite points for and against and I don't see one having a distinct advantage over the other to be honest. I kinda hate the idea of sitting on information for two weeks, but I also totally get how a week seems too short for a lot of people.

Ultimately I'm voting in support of niko's idea because it's a less drastic change and sort of a middle-ground between the current and what kai's thinking of.
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Maybe if it seems like there's A LOT to be said (because guys we've already had one month where not much happened at the moot (I think?)), we could get an extension of a week, or even maybe just three days or so, just to make sure everyone can get their reactions in/interact/bounce ideas around/etc.

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