Poll: How should we do moots?
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The same way we do them now: 1 per month, with 1 week of posting time.
3 23.08%
One played-out moot every other month with 2 weeks to post.
8 61.54%
Some other way. [If you choose this option, please make a suggestion in the thread. Otherwise the vote will not be counted.]
2 15.38%
Total 13 vote(s) 100%
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Moot Frequency
To tell the truth, the main thing I'm concerned about is how long the moots last (more than how often they occur). And I definitely want it to be consistent, because if we have players who aren't frequently available and they think "It's fine, I have 2 weeks" and they come back and the moot is closed... well. That would be rather needlessly frustrating.

There's other options, like niko points out -- maybe even 10 days would be an improvement. But I have a feeling that if we're cramming 2 months' of stories and challenges and so on into 1 week, it's only bottlenecking things more. So if we go bimonthly, we'll absolutely be extending the length of the moot. Maybe 2 weeks, maybe something in between.
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Now! I kinda like the idea of dynamically extending the moot IF things are happening. If it's a pretty quiet month (or two months) there's no reason to drag it out for 2 painful weeks.
Kind of hard to implement logistically, though. A quiet month overall doesn't mean the moot won't blow up. Until we start the moot it's sometimes hard to predict how it will go, so if we start it 2 weeks before the full moon, it's dead, we end early... then regardless, people are sitting on information until the full moon. And I don't want to divorce moots from the moon phase; that's too important to gameplay.

Liz's point about how much time and effort players put into writing things for the songs and tales is extremely valid to me, too; that comes easier and faster to some people than others, but no one should feel like they can't participate in that section or play a Galliard because it takes them 4 days to write what someone else does in 45 minutes (for whatever reason!). That would bum me out.

Sidebar: this is the selfish part, but it's also part of how this site functions as well as it does. Having the moot be consistent is easier on me when it comes to managing it. I know there will be times, just due to General Life Crap, when I won't be able to be as attentive to the game and be able to know when the moot should start/end. It's just 'one more thing'.

That said, I will think about it. Because flexibility yay.
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There's a few other minor possibilities outside of major changes:

- IC'ly, it could be implemented that during War Time? All Challenges barring Major (Read: No Quarter, to-the-death, fate in the balance sort of shit) ones, must be scheduled for sometime after the moot or outside of Moots. Challenges can be issued during a Moot if it comes to that, but given the loss of Life recently, it would make sense to give Werewolves, especially the youngins, a chance to cool down outside of the Full Moon and the Ritual of a Moot before proceeding with a Grievance, Rank or Positional Challenge.

This would cut down on some of the congestation that can happen when Challenges occur inside a Cracking.

- Could also require that all information must be delivered to a Representative who could/would speak at a Moot. For Packs, this would probably be the Alpha (or speaker of the Pack's choice?) while Packless would goto their Tribal Elder/Appropriate Sept Officer. This would help promote play and discussion during the month(s) between moots, while reducing the wait for important info. from many/multiple sources.

It's also somewhat more in line with how Werewolves do things.

I understand the importance of every player having a say and go to maximize freedom of play and this would not impact characters speaking up about the information delivered? But would allow the Elders to sort of nod and tap individuals who were recognized speakers regarding information to divulge, enemies to name, dreams etc. etc.
Okay, those are all very valid reasons why sliding-scale moots, while kinda awesome in theory, won't work in the real world. I hereby retract my vote for sliding-scale moots! I just want bimonthly two-weekers :]

I gotta say though, not a big fan of squishing everything down to a tiny concise moot. Moots are, imho, most fun when they end up being 10 pages of arguing/planning/discussing/challenging.
And I keep mine as "other" but change it to once a month for ten days! At least until such time as Shit Gettin' Real in the system starts to slow down.
once a month for 10 days means 18 days between moots, yo. THAT IS UNTENABLE O_O
I don't mind keeping the moots as a week-long thing as long as they're bimonthly, but do think ten days gives some nice 'give.' Especially if they are going to be bimonthly, with (theoretically) more to cover.

The suggested division of the Cracking into different parts sounds logical and clean to me - both things I like.

And I am 200% for the making moots bimonthly because honestly I don't have the energy to play a galliard mooting it up every month.

Three weeks of opportunities to play when everybody here has other systems they're involved with and, one hopes, RL obligations, and then one week of talking about whatever managed to get done in that time frame seems a lot more eek than like - seven weeks of time to build up some really good stories, which can then get told as awesome IC stories forever commemorating funtimes by your local galliards! and also things to be argued over and shared and brought up at the Cracking and basically just timeline wise I feel it works better and makes me personally less tired to contemplate.

The overwhelming majority is voting for a bimonthly moot, and it's what I think would work best for the game in its current form.

Since we just had a moot in August, we are going to have our next played-out moot in October. It will last for 10 days. I'd like to try a moderate extension before going to a full two-week moot, and see if we still feel rushed or if that provides the 'give' we need.

In character, moots still occur every full moon. You can make mood posts and play scenes glossing through those moots if you like, but this change in no way means that the garou are only gathering every other month, and hopefully they're still telling stories about each other and sharing important information whether or not they're at a moot.

Thank you to everyone for the feedback and brainstorming. I'm going to hold off on making any other changes (such as splitting the cracking into various parts) until we've had at least one round with the new moot 'schedule'.
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