[Storyline] The Last Day
Hey people! So, I'm gonna be launching a storyline for y'all. (Initial IC details are here.) While I know I said in my little "State of the Mage Game" address that I love my super-long storylines, this likely gonna be a somewhat smaller one, possibly just a few scenes depending on PC actions though it could easily extend out and it will have repercussions of some nature for the city as a whole.

DISCLAIMER: This storyline, for however long it runs, contains a possibility of risk both physical and mental to your characters. There will be dangerous elements involved and depending on character's actions, Bad Shit Could Happen To Them. It is not specifically combat-based, though there will be combat scenes likely at certain points. The mood of this will be somewhat akin to that of a pulp mystery with horror overtones, akin to what you may find in a Cthulhu mythos to some degree.

I would like to get the first scene done sometime this week; Friday would be great if possible but I can be flexible outside of Saturday depending on when everyone is available. If you're interested, reply in this thread with your availability. I can accomodate probably four or five people for the first scene, which will take place at the film screening mentioned in the above link.

"The anger of a good man is not a problem. Good men have too many rules."
"Good men don't need rules. And today's not the day to find out why I have so many."
Totally absolutely in! Though I'm not quite sure yet which character I'll be bringing in, as both of them would be interested for different reasons.

I'm pretty much available everyday with fair warning, it just has to be after 2pm EST and end before 12am EST, weekends im game till whenever.
Okay, I'm in!

I'm usually available at any time except Mondays and every-other-Saturday, unless random stupid strep comes calling or something (Yes, body, I hate you too!)

Oh yeah, and time-wise, 5ish Mountain - 11ish, maybe longer, but I am still getting over sickliness, so I don't want to push it too hard.
Friday should be good for me. I have early classes, but I'll be home early afternoon East Coast time, so I think that should still put me in a good spot. If it is too late, I might be out though. (Stupid leaving my house super-early.)

Edit to add: I could do Monday, pretty much any time. I could do a daytime (after early class thing) on Thursday, but couldn't go terribly late.
Risk of physical and mental damage to PCs? That has Sid's name written all over it.

Awww Friday is the only day this week that I am absolutely not available, but all other nights I believe are pretty open! I also can be around during the day if that's what works for everyone else, but bear in mind I'll be MTing between work and play and may take longer to post than I already do.
I would love to get Eleanor in on this. I'm really only available Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday (unless I decide against going to a Thing this Saturday). But Friday's not possible for me this week!
my whole life is thunder.
Friday should be fine for me, so long as I can cut out by midnight EST. Other than that! Guaranteed times are as follows.

Mon-Fri: 9am-4pm, then sometimes availability after dinner but often not, between homework and getting kids ready for bed and husband time and all.
Sat, Sun: At least one is fubared every weekend through October (yay, football games and swim meets). Possible availability in evenings, standard off by midnight rule applies.
I like how the phrase 'Bad Shit Could Happen To Them' is capitalized. I also like the premise of that first scene. Count me in.
Would next Sunday work for everyone (and if so, what time would be best)? The relatively small amount of overlap makes this a little tricky to work out and I wanna try and fit everyone interested in.
"The anger of a good man is not a problem. Good men have too many rules."
"Good men don't need rules. And today's not the day to find out why I have so many."
Yup, it would work for me. Sundays are pretty much all day, up to around 11

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