Kalen's Chantry Activity
The night of the madness at the horror film screening Kalen remains at the chantry in the absence of its usual Guardian.

When people return, he (eventually) bandages Shoshannah's arm and remains upstairs guarding the second floor until at least Shoshannah is awake again.

In the morning (and let's be serious, probably into the afternoon), he spends some time in the library (most of it sleeping).

[You can see also his mood post.]
Now that Kalen is actually hanging out at the Chantry, he keeps bringing it things. Hot cocoa and marshmallows now that it's winter. Those brandy-filled chocolate cherries. Ridiculous flavorings for coffee.

He also makes a point to stock things he's already noticed people like. So there is a bowl of freeze dried ice cream and Snickers bars that he keeps refilling in the living room. He doesn't make quite that production of keeping an eye on the levels of the tea and coffee. Sometimes he brings new and interesting additions, but mostly he just refills things that are low.

And blankets start appearing. Quilts, mostly. Folded neatly and draped over the backs of chairs and couches. But upstairs, in the spare room where he advised Grace there was the best couch for sleeping on, there appear handmade blankets with wool so soft it's like cloud fur.
Kalen brings new Christmas decorations!

If by new Christmas decorations one means Christmas piñatas. About a dozen Gingerbread men and snowmen and Santa piñatas get hung up throughout the chantry.

And one pink flamingo decked out with a little pine wreath and a Santa hat. Because Grace will love it. And Kalen will do all manner of ridiculous things to make Grace laugh.

[Look, the inevitability of breaking things is what Matter Mages are for....]
Kalen and Grace bring back bones and a hand-written history and a few things.

Kalen spends awhile hanging out with said bones burning myrrh and drinking wine.

If you wish for the slightly more IC version.... http://forums.woddenver.com/showthread.p...39#pid3539
It is Easter.

Kalen hasn't had holidays in forever. Not with a whole odd collection of people to celebrate them like this with, at least. And so, he has done, as the handful of people who know him may have come to expect, the only logical thing.

Which is, of course, to stuff Easter eggs with chocolate truffles and orbs of semi-precious stones and liquor-filled chocolates and random coins pulled up from shipwrecks and tiny wooden carvings and whatever else he has encountered that struck him as interesting and small enough to fit in a neon plastic egg.

There are little baskets full of more candy and small bottles of liquor and stuffed animal bunnies and lambs. Apparently Kalen decided that the Denver Magi need alcohol and stuffed animals and chocolate. Sometime between yesterday morning and today.
Kalen does not decorate to the same degree that Shoshannah did last year, but a tree does appear in the chantry, and it gets decorated (and anyone who comes to help gets cookies – Kalen has practiced enough that the worst cookie mishaps are gingerbread men missing limbs). Shoshannah got stockings for the Mages who were here last year and Kalen adds stockings for new Mages and hangs the whole lot of them, even though some of the people who were there are gone now. Everyone, even Sid who he does not expect will come back and Gallowglass who knows is away, get their stockings stuffed with treats: truffles in fancy wrappings and peppermint puffs and ridiculous chocolate Santas that Kalen suspects taste like wax but are Santa-shaped. And then whatever odds and ends he can find that amuse him, little floppy beanie reindeer and Christmas ornaments with the year on them in glittery letters. There are also deliberate inclusions. Alyssa's stocking gets a little watergun in the shape of a revolver, Alexander gets a little snowman. He leaves a bit of space, room for other people to add candy or tiny gifts; on Christmas Eve he'll fill any remaining space with more candy. There are a few extra stockings with glitter and glue, just in case there are people who come to the Chantry he doesn't know.

And then there are presents, piles of them, under the tree. There are presents for everyone he knows with access to the chantry or to Ginger, because even if Kalen wants to punch you in the face most of the time he will by God not let that stop him from buying you Christmas presents. Some people are ridiculously into Christmas. Kalen mailed the presents he could mail, so Gallowglass has no presents under the tree. Somewhere around the 28th, Kalen comes to take all the Christmas down, deliver any unclaimed presents he can deliver, and tucks those he can't into an out of the way space. All of the names on those presents are familiar, save (for at least some of the Mages) one, because Kalen always buys presents for Melody, and where else would he put them but with the presents for his family?

[And you people will get FPMs or something about presents in the next few days.]

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