Team Striped Horse
Cabal Information

Leader: Haha, no. If you want to join, it must be a sort of organic process. Decisions are essentially made by what sounds cool to everybody.

Members: Grace Evans (Chimeric1), Andrew Wazowski(Gadfly83)

Team Striped Horse?
When you hear a stampede, it's probably horses, not zebras. Unless it's this particular stampede. Horses = unawakened misfits, Zebras = these guys. However, at least one member is so new she's getting used to her zebraness, and feels like a horse with stripes painted on. Get it?

One thing about this team is that they are always coming up with new code-words for things, and you might be left out if you can't keep up.

Bonita Marie -- One's Avatar
Whack-A-Molers -- Technocrats
Zebra -- Awakened individual
Vet-vet -- Veteran of the Ascension War
Ginger -- I'll get to that...

This is a little piece of someone else's telephony server, which they have managed to completely take over, and are attempting to keep that fact from the true owners. Striver's Answering Service, a once fine, upstanding member of the community, has now fallen so low as to subsist on phone sex lines, and Ginger is the 'liberated' version of one of them. A 4gig server space with a sexy voice, Ginger now serves as an encrypted message drop and phone line for a couple of Virtual Adepts.

How it works: Grace installs her homebrew encryption software for the lucky someone, and after that, phone calls and texts to the 1-800-FAT-GRLS number will go to Ginger instead, and they will have access to the message dropbox. Note that in the interests of safety (and because Ginger is only 4gig, and they're trying to go under the radar) that messages dropped off to Ginger have a limited shelf life. It is, however, highly recommended that if you have news, to share it via Ginger rather than through direct texts to others, because the three-letter-agencies are always watching.

Matching Jackets

High density carbon weave zombie-proof jackets for all! Why? Because zombies, that's why.

(+2 Body Armor)

Matching T-Shirts

Team Striped Horse, the T-Shirt!

(Offers no protection, but looks cool)

Team Striped Horse sounds totally cool, how do I join?
Hang out with the team, and have a really open mind when it comes to technology. Your character doesn't have to know how to hack, and doesn't technically have to know anything about computers (even though it would help). However, if they think that technology and science are a stain on existence, are a luddite, can't stand science fiction, or look down on nerds, why the hell are they trying to join this Cabal?

Grace and Andrew are going to be making neat toys, and obtaining more cool stuff, and cool stuff to them are things like super computing equipment, VR gear, neural wetware, you get the idea. So if your character is not upset by this, and even wants to join in the fun and help, this is the Cabal!
Name: Andrew Wazowski
Handle: Gadfly83
Tradition: Virtual Adept (Initiate)

What you need to know:

1. A fly that bites livestock, esp. a horsefly, warble fly, or botfly.
2. An annoying person, esp. one who provokes others into action by criticism.
3. A person who upsets the status quo by posing upsetting or novel questions.

"To sting people and whip them into a fury, all in the service of truth." --Socrates on the role of the social gadfly.

Personal Holdings:
Library 2
Sanctum 2
Resources 2
Allies (need to know basis)

Eidetic memory countered by erratic mind
Dangerously curious
Deathly shy
Sticks in your mind (uncanny 2)
Name: Grace Evans
Handle: Chimeric1
Tradition: Virtual Adept (Apprentice)

What you need to know:

1. unreal; imaginary; visionary: a chimerical terrestrial paradise.
2. Given to unrealistic fantasies; fanciful.
3. Of, related to, or being a chimera.


I am chimerical, a mixture of beasts and machines. I tear down the boundaries in between, because there are no true boundaries. Imagine me, and imagine yourself. -- Grace (writing as L. Marshall) on the current cyborgification of humanity.

Personal Holdings:
Library 1
Resources 2

Obsessive information fiend
Friendly, awkward, futurist, writer
Fades into the background (Arcane 1)

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