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Character sheets have been updated!

At least, partially updated. All I did was re-label things and move dots to the right places. I will be going through and doing more thorough character sheet revisions soon (updating the Focus section, adding specialties for general abilities, making changes you guys request, etc.) Keep an eye out for an update when I'm ready to do that.

Also, if you haven't read the previous announcement, please do so. Smile
I've posted notes for all the casting system / spheres / paradox / quiet updates. (Basically, all things magick related.) And now that that's done, I can officially declare this system fully converted to M20. Woo!

There will be a few more updates to the Judgment Calls page (I should be able to get to that tomorrow.) I will also be making an announcement re: character sheets.

Once those things are dealt with, I will work on updating the Casting Guide.

Then I will update the Spheres Guide.

Then I will update the rest of the Wiki stuff.

In that order. *g*
The Judgement Calls are now completely updated. Check out the Abilities, Combat, Casting and Misc. sections if you haven't already. XP Modifiers and Charm creation rules have not changed and do not need to be read again.
Alright, I am officially ready to start working on character sheet revisions. Before I do that, I will need each of you to submit a journal entry - just like you would do normally when requesting changes - with the following information:

1: What is your character's Affinity Sphere? (This can still be the Tradition specialty, but it doesn't have to be. Choose the one that's most closely tied to your character's personal paradigm.)

2: What is their Focus? The Focus is composed of: 1 Paradigm, 1-3 Practice(s) and at least 7 Instruments. Let me know if you would like to keep their customized Paradigm description or if you want to remove it. You do not have to choose a Paradigm from the book. If you find one that fits, awesome. If not, that's cool too. Please label the character's Personalized Instrument (you only get one and it should be tied to the Affinity Sphere) and any Unique Instruments you want to claim (if there are any.) For those of you with Arete 3 characters, which Instrument have they surpassed?

3: How would you like to reclassify their Resonance traits? Since the Resonance rules have changed, they will no longer be using the same categories they did in Revised. The categories (or "flavors") are now: Devotional, Elemental, Stabilizing and Temperamental. See Chapter 10, part 5. (Page 561 in my version of the pdf.)

4: If your character has any dots in Art, Crafts, Martial Arts, Academics, Esoterica or Science and they do not already have a specialty in those traits, what specialties would you like to choose? These traits all require a specialty, regardless of how many dots you have in them. If you formerly had specialties in Crafts or Expression that now need to be moved to Art, what would you like their new Crafts/Expression specialties to be?

5: What other changes would you like to make?

This can be relevant to the new system, or it can just be general stuff like fixing or updating things. No request is too small. If you want me to change the formatting of something or add a note to the bio or fix a spelling error, feel free to let me know. Mostly though, I expect a number of you may want to re-tool some of the Ability traits.

If you would like to move points around, you have two options: swapping dots directly from one ability to another or trading them in for XP (this would be the same amount of XP you used to purchase them with) and then using that XP to purchase something new. Obviously, this is not something that I would normally allow. However, given the system update, I want to make sure you're all able to accurately reflect your character's abilities on their sheet. So, say you have 4 dots in Crafts that's meant to reflect an artistic pursuit and now you need to move those dots into Art. The easy thing to do would be to swap the points over, but maybe you already have a dot or two in Art because of the character's former Performance trait. So instead, you can convert some of those dots in Crafts to XP and use that to buy up Art the rest of the way. And maybe you have some points left over for something else.

You can also, of course, just buy things up normally with the XP you already have. (Say, if you want to get a second specialty for Art or buy up some dots in Esoterica that you didn't previously have.)

If you want to change your character's Nature and/or Demeanor based on the updates, make a note of that as well.

6: If you have something on your sheet that's needed fixing for a while, such as a missing Specialty (I know at least a couple of you still don't have Empathy specialties listed from when we added that) or a Flaw that you need to buy off, please let me know so we can correct this now. For example, if you have an Enemy that has never shown up and is (realistically) probably never going to, or something like Nightmares or a Phobia that you kind of forgot about and haven't been rolling.

Once you submit this request, please notify me in the Expenditure Requests thread as per usual.
I've updated the Casting Guide on both the main site and the Wiki.

-While I was doing this I realized I somehow missed the fact that Practiced Rotes are no longer a thing (this has now been corrected in the Magick System Notes.)
-Additionally, I've removed the house rule regarding casting difficulties when employing effects that breach the Gauntlet. These are now being done as per the standard game rules (and I updated the chart on the guide to reflect that.) Apologies for missing these things the first time around.


Also, hey. It's the first of the month. As always, journals are due by 11:59pm MST on the third. Smile
I've updated the submission guidelines for Experienced (Arete 3) character sheets.

Quote:Experienced character submissions are restricted on Denver Mage.  If you wish to play one, you need to gain pre-approval from the Admin prior to submitting a character sheet. As a rule, these characters are only approved sparingly. Many factors are taken into account, such as current demographics, player experience and character concept. Characters who have the potential to fill a useful role within the game are more likely to be approved than those who do not.

Submission availability is no longer specifically based on a demographics ratio. Players can speak to me at any time if they have a more experienced concept that they'd like to run by me. However, I do want to stress that I generally prefer for people to use the standard (or newly awakened) character sheets. The more experienced option is intended for exceptional cases, and in particular those characters who I feel could benefit the system. (Mentor types and such.) So submissions are not really open so much as possible. They're still (and shall always remain) heavily restricted.
Hey guys! This is just a quick check-in regarding character sheets. As of right now, we still have (by my count) 7 characters who haven't been converted to the M20 system. For those of you who have yet to submit your updates, if you don't have access to the M20 pdf, I can totally help you out. Just send me a note and I'll make sure you get a copy. And if you have any questions, please let me know and I will be happy to walk you through whatever issues you might be having. I am totally here to help you guys out with this stuff, so don't feel bad if there's something you're having trouble with. (Believe me, you are not alone.)

On that note, I would really like to try to get these all done soon. Partly so that I don't have to keep coming back to it, but also because I'd really like for you guys to be able to have fully approved character sheets so you can play your characters without any confusion or hand-waving. So if you haven't updated yet, please do so. And again, if you have any questions, please let me know.
Oh look at that. It's February. As always, journals are due by 11:59pm MST on the 3rd. Smile
I am so tired of waiting,
Aren't you,
For the world to become good
And beautiful and kind?
-Langston Hughes
XP for January has been awarded!
I am so tired of waiting,
Aren't you,
For the world to become good
And beautiful and kind?
-Langston Hughes
Hey guys! Today is the first of March. As always, journals for February are due by 11:59pm MST on the third. This will be the last round of journals that I handle for this system, and I just want to reiterate again how much I've enjoyed being your Admin this year. You are all rock stars. <3
I am so tired of waiting,
Aren't you,
For the world to become good
And beautiful and kind?
-Langston Hughes

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