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Hello again!

It is July 1st(ish) and I wanted to let you all know that journals are due on July 3rd at midnight site time. If you're having trouble getting them in, please let me know and we can make accommodations.
Your XP, dearest darlings, should be done for the month of June. Thank you so much for your patience and let me know if there are any discrepancies!
Hahahahaaaaaa! It is August 1st, and so I am super excited to see your XP journals. They are due by August 3rd at midnight site time so be ready and happy trails

I finally finished XP journals. Sorry for the delays, I had double shows and angry girlfriends and yadda yadda yadda yadda life.

As you all have noticed, you have a bonus in your box. We had a holiday and I turned 29 in July. So! I get old, therefore everyone gets presents. They're like party favors you can use to blow things up with. Cheers!
So sorry! I forgot to remind people about XP journals, so if you haven't done them yet you have until the end of today to get them in. So sorry again!

Sorry this took a little while, your ST is a total space cadet. Again, check your totals and be sure everything looks alright. If you want something changed or you forgot to submit something, please let me know. I want to make sure everyone is rewarded for what they do IC.
I have good news!

I have made an official ruling that no longer limits you to using a mentor OR libraries to learn spheres. Now, you can use both. 

Combining Mentors and Libraries
  • In order to use both a mentor and libraries to augment the XP cost of learning a sphere, you select the highest rated value in the equation to act as the base to roll from. 
  • Each additional resource (either a mentor or library) acts as a +1 to the total number of dice rolled
  • Attempting to learn from a mentor or library whose paradigm is incompatible with your own will raise the difficulty of the roll. Learning from a source of a different Tradition raises the difficulty of the roll to 8. If the source material is particularly incompatible, the difficulty is raised to 9 or even 10. 
  • If this roll is botched, the student loses a point of WP. 
EXAMPLE: Evan is learning Prime from Annie. Annie knows Prime 3, but is from a different tradition than Evan. Their paradigms are only partially compatible. Evan is also using the her own library (2 points) and Sasha's library (2 points). 

Evan's player would roll  3 dice (for Annie as a mentor) + 2 dice (for the two additional sources of information). Evan's player would roll a total of 5 dice on this roll. Since Annie's paradigm isn't completely compatible with Evan's, the roll is diff 8 instead of diff 7.
First of the month reminder! Journals are due by October 3rd at midnight site time!
Journals are going to take a little longer than usual. We've had some deaths and illnesses and blah in my tribe of people and I gotta take care of them
I finally finished your XP journals! XP is in the box and if you have any questions or concerns, please don't be afraid to bring them up

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