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November 3rd at midnight is the deadline for October journals. See you then!


Sorry for the delays and thank you for your patience
Boop bee doop, its December 1st and journals are due on the :red bt midnight

Remember, you get XP for having done NaNo. If you did that, I need a quick synopsis of your novel and a word count so you can take in that sweet sweet XP
XP Journals are done and cared for!

If your character by some chance has been retired and you want them back, give me a heads up in the XP request thread to say that you have a request submitted. That way, I can get you re-approved ASAP.
Hey you sexy beasts, it's 2017 and now I gotta get your journals. I know we're all busy, so I'm giving you until the 5th to get them in instead of the 3rd. Since I know everyone's been busy, if you submit a quick rundown of something you want to see in the game in 2017 you'll get bonus presents.
Journals are done!

If you had a suggestion, you got a little extra this month, which I was greatly appreciative of. I hope to see you all in the new year and getting out and rolling again!

Keep on trucking, y'all. We got through 2016, so let's knock 2017 out of the park!
Hello lovelies!

Just a quick reminder that journals are due on the third of this month. Look forward to reading!
Journals are done! Thanks everyone for submitting and I hope to see some awesome stuff in February
Journals are due by the 3rd!
Journals are done! It took a little while but I look forward to seeing everyone this month!

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