another warmoot-y thing! [attn: ALL]
Well, this time there's actually some warning. For about three days running, Erich is pretty much constantly chilling in Cold Crescent. Or Forgotten Questions. He talks to everyone he sees, and he tells everyone he talks to:

they need to get together again. Soon. One of the kin, an Eva Illeshazy of the Shadow Lords, YEAH, WASSUP, REPRESENT, has found out something that none of them can ignore.


It's a convenient Friday night or something, and it's some hotel suite somewhere that Erich sure as hell didn't put down the money for. The front door stays closed and locked, and Erich stays by the front door to make sure it stays that way. Garou and Kin from both Septs are admitted. No one else is.

When enough people have shown up that it starts to feel like a warmoot, Erich clears his throat and says:

"So, Eva has something say!"

And then he turns expectant eyes on Eva. If anyone actually thought he'd lead this warmoot, they've got another think coming.
On Day Two of running around, when Erich makes his rounds out to the Sept of Forgotten Questions, he'll encounter Lola Hawkes out in the middle of nowhere in the Bawn. She's riding a dirtbike and, if asked why, she'll explain that Garou get to patrol on four legs, so she has to replace two legs with two wheels sometimes.

Regardless, they shake hands solidly. He'll likely remember her from the last Warmoot. She was that Uktena Kinfolk that talked with swagger like she knew what War was about or something.

He sets a date, and she says she'll be there.


And, of course, she's true to her word. In the little rented hotel suite, no reception hall to be sure but at least it wasn't a room with beds and tables to try and sit on. Lola's in a chair, dressed simply in jeans and a hooded sweatshirt. She had, of course, shared the word with the Alpha of Celduin. She'd said that some Kinfolk, the sharp looking woman in her late thirties (or that's how Lola described her at least) had some important news that everyone needed to hear from the source and discuss among themselves.

He was probably there with her. We'll assume that he is at least. And if so, he's probably sitting in the chair beside his Kinswoman.

They chatter, but not noisily. They may socialize here or there with other familiar (or non-familiar) faces that are in nearby chairs or that walk by.

But when attention is called to Eva, Lola quiets and pays careful mind. Whatever news this woman had, it must be worth hearing for all this fuss.
They ran into each other at Forgotten Questions. Now that Cold Crescent is up and running again nobody has seen much of the Uktena moondancer unless they spend a lot of time south of the city. They saw him at the Moot when he got up and jumped around and told some stories but other than that it's like he and his pack's totem have been spending an awful lot of quality time together.

When Erich found the other Cliath he was coming back from the otherside with his medicine bag full of new talens. Told him Eva the Shadow Lord kinswoman has news and there was to be another warmoot and you're coming right man.

Hector slapped him a high five and said something to the effect of "Hell yeah, brother, warmoots are solid" and then went along on his way.


Lola doesn't have to drag him. Well okay he's been rereading The Hobbit when he finds a free ten minutes out of every ten thousand so she might have had to swat him off the front porch but he was just waiting for her and he had a shirt on at least.

He is not near as distracted as he was last time. The Moot has passed and his moon isn't tugging at his internal editor and he greets folks he knows and introduces himself to those he doesn't and when Erich announces the start of things Hector is sat in a chair next to Lola. Unlike last time he isn't staring off into space with his arms tucked in over his ribs. He's got an arm slung across the back of Lola's chair and he's paying attention.

If Tamsin and Jack can't find time in their busy schedules of networking with city Kinfolk and IDK making money or whatever it is they do all day: that's why Gaia invented the totemphone.
This time, Winona is there, a quiet and (calming, soothing, healing) relatively calm presence with or without her packsisters - it doesn't matter if or how she ran into Erich. Maybe it was Hector, or . . . well, she's a Theurge in a Theurge pack. Maybe spirits whispered in her ear. So anyway, here's this Native American (Native Mexican, really, but who's keeping track?) Silver Fang. If the rest of Desert Oracle isn't there? Winona, too, has ways of relaying what she hears.
Miss Avery Chase thinks that Mr. Erich Reinhardt is just a splendid young man, all noise and violence and determination. She's passing through Cold Crescent with Javed, who she is seen with at the sept on the regular these days, when he bounds up to her and tells her that a kinswoman of his tribe knows something.

Her attention is at first delighted to see him, inquiring about Charlotte and her general welfare, then curious, then slightly frowning at the evident seriousness. She gives him a nod, tells him she'll be there.


And so she is, arriving early, sitting back in an armchair as she did during the first of these impromptu meetings of lower-ranked garou. This time she is drinking tea from a cup, saucer included. She came with a cart of coffee, tea, and cookies, pushed by a member of the hotel staff who was promptly tipped and excused from the gathering, and now she is enjoying a bit of creamed and sugared Earl Grey with some shortbread.
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Javed waits for Avery to greet Erich when the other Ahroun he finds the Silver Fang and himself, and then when he's aware of who is speaking to them gives his Auspicemate a polite hello. He is quiet when Avery asks about Charlotte, though he listens with interest himself on that particular topic; he has fought with the Theurge twice now and she has proven herself quite adept.

But then it is down to business, and he remembers Eva from the previous warmoot, by name at least. He passes a look over to the Philodox and then back, and promises that he will be in attendance.

And indeed, he is. Anubis-Sight looks perhaps out of place in an environment such as this, but then this is hardly the first time that the one-eyed metis has been in surroundings that defy your average person's expectations for where he would be. He is settled in next to Avery, dresses in the single set of clothes that he has and staying quiet for now. His attention turns to Erich when he speaks up, then follows his eyes to Eva, head cocked slightly to listen.


It's not difficult for Erich to find Keisha, either. With Cold Crescent opened back up and the obvious tension between the two sides, the Child of Gaia has been spending most of her time where she's not at her classes or working (or bonding/fighting/nearly dying with her packsisters) at one place of the other, carrying on her duties as a Desert Oracle to help tend to the spiritual well-being of both septs. And so he finds her at one spot or the other most likely, in her city-hippy clothes with her city-hippy staff, and she says she will be there, and she passes the word to Phoebe, Winona and Sophia through their bond with Themis as well.

She arrives a bit later than others (she's got a bit of a bad habit about being late sometimes), smiling and nodding to Erich when she slips inside. Without having to look, the cliath ahimsa makes her way over to where Winona is, with a warm smile and a squeeze of the Native Mexican's (Who's keeping track? Keisha's keeping track.) shoulder. And that's where she seats herself--next to Over Sea, Under Stone--with her Iskakku staff settled in next to her.
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"Good men don't need rules. And today's not the day to find out why I have so many."
It's highly unlikely Sam found out about this meeting from Erich himself, unless they happened to bump into each other somewhere. She steers clear of the Cold Crescent building if at all possible, not really wanting to go near what she feels is a lightning rod for trouble that might affect her or her son. Word travels, though, and prior warning means she's able to find someone to watch over Jake for the night. Of course Thomas and Reese are told about this gathering.

She's there more or less on time, dressed as in jeans and boots and a grey and white and black checked shirt unbuttoned over a red t-shirt for Balance and Composure. Her hair is down, mostly hiding the many piercings and the spike in her ear. Anyone who looks at her would obviously think City Kin, and they would mostly be correct.

She sits somewhere out of the way of the Garou, here more for informational purposes than because she thinks she can contribute anything useful.


Spending time with Phoebe does nothing to help Keisha's punctuality issues. The two (or three if they happened to pick up a Sophia on the way) arrive together and head unerringly to flank their sister already there. One of the wonderful things about that bond with Themis is they can get a quick recap of anything they've missed without bothering anyone else or causing any more of an interruption in the proceedings.
And, since his sister went to the trouble to tell him and all, Reese is there too - all monochrome shades of gray, and also sitting out of the way of Garou. He's there for the same reasons his sister is, more or less, though the only person he's comfortable with, here, is her. It's a tension, a set of his spine and jaw, in the way he alternates looking at whoever's speaking with looking at his hands in his lap (he cracks his knuckles, watches his hands twist until he forces himself to stop) and looking at Sam next to him.

He, too, looks like (is) city kin - perhaps more so, in some ways, than Sam. But it's not the venue that makes him so uncomfortable, or even the gathered Rage, exactly. It's not nerves or fear, no. This is something different.

Regardless, he's here to listen.
Thomas, who is around enough to get notification of the meeting from both Erich and Sam, does attend the war moot. He was invited by a tribemate, concerning the findings of their kin, so this is (even more so than most things that catch his attention here) a family affair.

He slips in and gives basic greetings to people he knows, serious occasions are serious after all, and then leans into a wall a bit out of the way, not terribly far from the two Glasswalker kin. Of all the little assembleges of people, he's really closest to them, but he doesn't (quite) join them either.

Once he's settled, Thomas' eyes watch everyone, not with suspicion but with curiosity. There are only so many chances to observe this kind of interplay, only so many times he will get to see larger pictures of social maps and framework. He'd have to be crazy not to be paying attention.
Tamsin is definitely there. Erich got her. Hey, Erich. Did you know that they're saying I can kick your ass at (random game at 1-Up)? They're saying that so hard. They're saying that because I'm going to make them say that if we don't hang out again. You and Charlotte. Another gathering? Shit going down? I'm fucking there.

And so she is! Erich got her. And Hector did, too, because Tamsin is finally over being offended at a certain off-color joke, so the pack is good again (right?), and maybe it was a message by grace of Fog, or maybe it was delivered-in-the-flesh, somewhere around Forgotten Questions. She's there to make fun of his hair.

And she's there to beam at Avery. Of course she goes over: Hi!! How was - ? And how is - ? And hello! To Javed.

Tamsin is a Fianna and it's nowhere clearer than in the noisy (oh, it'll be noisy, she's a Galliard, she'll make it so) pre-shit-goes-down gathering of like minds. Avery and Javed, then Sam for a hug-from-behind, then mayyybe she sidles up to one of the Theurges ("Winona! Hey!!!") from the Theurge pack in order to say, "Psst, I heard -- "

But time's up, so whatever she heard'll have to be relegated later. By the time business actually gets to be businessed, Tamsin is flopped on her stomach near Hector and Lola (who also gets a hug). Or maybe near Sam. Or maybe she can't stay still. Maybe she's going to be social with everyone or else. Maybe she brought some m&ms, fall-colored, to share.

Sure. They're delicious.

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