The Falcons
Totem: Falcon

Type: Respect
Cost: 5
Falcon is one of the noblest spirits, befitting of the Silver Fang's tribal totem. His piercing eyes see deep into the hearts of his children, inspiring the valorous and rewarding the honorable. Falcon is a known as a bringer of unity to the Silver Fangs and to the Garou as a whole, and he remains above rumors of in-breeding among his chosen tribe.
Individual Traits: Followers of Falcon gain 0.2 Honor.
Shared Traits: +3 Leadership, +4 Willpower per month.
Ban: Dishonor is worse than death to Falcon: none of Falcon's children can ever lose permanent Honor Renown. If they do, they must either put right the wrong immediately, or perform a Rite of Contrition and further atone for their dishonor by hurling themselves at a powerful minion of the Wyrm. On the one hand, it's likely to be a suicide run. On the other, their blood will wash away the stain on their names -- as would their victory.

Javed Anubis-Sight [Fostern Silent Strider Ahroun]
Avery Chase, Reverence of Dawn [Fostern Silver Fang Philodox]

Philip Chase, Avery's father [NPC]
Oakley Chase, Avery's brother [NPC]
Several other Silver Fang kinfolk: Avery's staff [NPCs]

Penumbral shrine to Falcon atop Republic Plaza.
Avery's getaway outside of Roxborough Park [under construction].
Sept of the Cold Crescent [guard duty/hanging out].
my whole life is thunder.
Disbanded December, 2014.
my whole life is thunder.

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