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This is a thread for any cool-sounding happenings in the Denver and surrounding areas that PCs may or may not know about. Players are free to use this information in active roleplay (go crash a zombie crawl) or just as background information (see the occasional cosplayer wandering around during NDK or Denver Comic Con).
I just got an email about this and thought it was neat, but couldn't think of anywhere else to put it but here:

Denver Quidditch League
Quote:Denver is home to many great athletes, including players on the Denver Dementors Quidditch team. The Dementors hold open practices Sunday afternoons in City Park, organize runs on brooms, recruit for their A team to play in tournaments around the country. Quidditch is a great sport for both fitness and strategy and is welcoming to all physicalities and genders.
Summer in Denver, June in particular, is a crazy time of lots of things to do.

Tomorrow is First Friday. Now that it's warmer outside, that street is going to be PACKED. PACKED. The official time is 6pm-9pm but it actually fills up during the evening rush hour and people are out until at least midnight.

Next weekend (June 15-16) is Denver Pridefest. Pride's a pretty big deal everywhere, but it's a pretty effing huge deal here. The parade is pretty great, there are a lot of booths and vendors, and a bunch of stages for entertainment, so there's dancing everywhere.
Belated: this NEXT weekend is the Denver Greek Festival at the Greek Orthodox Cathedral off of Alameda. Dancing, ouzo, kourambiethes...
my whole life is thunder.
Colorado Springs is on fire again.

Technically it's running through Black Forest, but yeah. The smoke plume is clearly visible to the south of Denver.

I hope everyone is okay down there =[
More of Colorado is on fire right now. Denver southside's a little hazy with smoke.

Click the links for more information.

Denver Post Wrote:Stay tuned to and our LIVE BLOG

The Black Forest Fire, near Colorado Springs
The Royal Gorge Fire
The Big Meadows Fire in Rocky Mountain National Park
Map of fires burning in Colorado
nah, that just looks like a typical smoggy day in LA, tbh. LMAO!
(06-12-2013, 04:54 PM)Damon Wrote: nah, that just looks like a typical smoggy day in LA, tbh. LMAO!

Sadly, QFT. It's worse than you get in the Valley or out by the ocean in Santa Monica, but in Los Angeles proper that's about right.

Still, that sucks big-time. Sad I always hate seeing these things in the summer time.
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Neil Gaiman is going to be at Tattered Cover next Tuesday.

And I'm going so I won't be available for RP or anything next Tuesday night. I am way excited!
So, this happened - a transgendered first grader was granted the legal right to use the girls' bathroom. I don't know that it's in Denver, specifically, but it was in Colorado! Yay, steps forward.

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