denver happenings
Smash Bash, presented by Smashburger

Where: Centennial Center Park Amphitheatre
When: Sunday, September 28; doors open at noon, show starts at 1pm
What: A free concert with Bret Michaels, The Groove Hawgs and Rob Drabkin
It's that time again!

Denver Zombie Crawl

Where: Skyline Park, and from there all over the 16th Street Mall
When: October 18, Organ Trail starts at 9am, after parties start at 8pm
What: Zombies zombies everywhere!

It's always a pretty good time! A lot of restaurants have specials and stuff that night, and the crawl itself tries to break participation numbers records every year, so there will be a ton of people involved.
This is actually happening in Colorado Springs:

Lantern Festival

This actually sounds super crazy to me, setting fire into the sky in the desert, but I'ma go do it anyway.

Where: Pikes Peak International Raceway, Colorado Springs
When: November 1st
What: Remember the lantern scene from Tangled? Like that.
I did not even realize that we had one of these!

Denver Fashion Weekend

Where: City Hall Amphitheater
When: November 13-16
What: A fashion show

"Denver Fashion Weekend brings together Denver’s finest for four nights full of fashion from local and national designers, and a hair show featuring Colorado’s most talented stylists."
Denver This Weekend: 1/30 - 2/1]

There's a Steampunk "Snowdown", which is exactly what it sounds like:

And there's ClutchCon, a gaming convention:

At Isis Books & Gifts (big pagan/occult store on Broadway) they're having their psychic fair (which I think is monthly), as well as a seance and animal communication workshop:

Apparently Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson is in Denver tonight and I just fainted a little:

It's not a 'secret' anymore, but apparently Super Bowl Sunday is a particularly good day to go skiing because... well, obvious reasons. May not work this year, as people in Denver are pretty goddamn bitter about the Seahawks vs Patriots. Apparently we hate them both?
my whole life is thunder.

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