Invitation [attn: all]
They're hand lettered very, very carefully and a pretty, elegant design is done in india ink - curvy and spooky and beautiful all at once, and one can only imagine how long it took Shoshannah, who isn't particularly artistically inclined, to make enough for every mage she knows in Denver.

Who: Everyone
What: Halloween party / All Hallows' Eve observance
Where: The House
When: 31 October, all day/night
Bring something to share with the living, and also something to share with the dead if you're so inclined.
RSVPs not necessary, I'm decorating the house and doing my thing whether other people come or not.
[For the record, most of this will probably take place in forums the week or maybe two surrounding Halloween, kind of moot style - cut off when it stalls, I s'pose.]
Lena smiles when she gets hers and lets Shoshanna that she'll be there for as much as she can allow. She might even cancel her DJ booking for the night so she can be there for all of it.

And she totally volunteers to help with decorating and everything else.
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