After a rousing discussion of what our stats would be on a WoD sheet, Niko and I thought it would be funny to actually post it up in a forum thread.

I'm thinking I would be Physical 3/3/2, Social 3/3/3, Mental 3/4/2.

Talents as primary, Knowledge as secondary, and Skills as tertiary. I'm guessing a lot of Expression and Streetwise. And I probably have the Gift: Resist Toxin, so maybe I'm lost kinfolk... Bone Gnawer? More likely Shadow Lord. Iberian pride yo 'cause coastal Portuguese pure breeding...

Though I do have a Moroccan ancestor so maybe there's a little jackal blood in there.

This is fun.

Do you!
I would probably be Physical 2/3/2, Social 4/3/3 (so subjective), Mental: 3/4/4

Skills/Talents/Knowledges would be my primary/secondary/tertiary, since I can do some craft-stuff (drawing I guess, simple repairs), I drive okay, there's a little performance in there, and apparently I'm a ninja somehow. Also probably quite a bit of empathy and the soft-hearted flaw believe it or not.

I don't know enough Vampire clans to guess what I'd be there, if I were a Mage I'd probably beeeeee *looks up Traditions* I don't even know, an Orphan probably, though if I had to pick a Trad I would probably be Verbena. I would probably be a Troll if I were a Changeling.

If I were a werewolf PC I would straight up be a Ragabash (I looked up my birthday once and I was born smack on a new moon, neither waxing nor waning, and was then told this was not surprising haha). Could be Fianna, Wendigo, or Shadow Lord, with pure breeding from the Wendigo side. But honestly I would probably be a Fianna or renounced to the Children of Gaia.

Hm, Conscience/Self-Control/Courage would probably be: 5/2/3? Or 4/2/4? So a 6-7 Humanity.

I would also have a buttload of flaw points for phobias, because I am afraid of: Being trapped/am claustrophobic, falling, the dark, the ocean/bodies of water I can't see the bottom of (probably goes with fear of the dark), and spiders (thanks, Mom, for taking me to see Arachnaphobia on the big screen). I'm sure there are more, but I can't think of them right now.
Sam/Jeremy The Mortal!

Strength 2/Dexterity 2/Stamina 2
Charisma 3/Manipulation 3/Appearance 2
Perception 3/Intelligence 4/Wits 3

My Ability spread would be:

Primary - Talents (Relevant Skills: Empathy, Expression, some Subterfuge and a touch of Streetwise)
Secondary - Knowledges (Relevant Skills: (Academics, Computer, Occult)
Tertiary - Skills (Relevant Skills: Survival. I was an Eagle Scout.)

WP: 4, maybe a 5 if I'm being generous
Humanity: 7 (I used to be an 8 but I'm old and bitter now)

Consicence 4/Self Control 3/Courage 2 or 3

I actually already created myself as a Werewolf once; I played him on WoD:NYC and he was a Child of Gaia Philodox (I was born under a half-moon) with the deed name of "Dream."

Mage, I would definitely be an Ecstatic.

Vampire: Whoever Embraced me. (Okay, that's cheating.) I would probably be a Toreador, to be honest, or Tremere. And would probably go Anarch if I ever got the chance.

Changeling, I would be...hmm. Eshu, perhaps? I've always felt like I had wanderlust and just needed a push to actually do it. A Chrysalis would totally give me that push.
"The anger of a good man is not a problem. Good men have too many rules."
"Good men don't need rules. And today's not the day to find out why I have so many."

Okay vanilla mortal stats first.

My attributes are all 3s. I might make myself Dex 1 because I am about as coordinated as a sloth. And I ought to be Int 4 but I did too many drugs during the '80s so I have the Diminished Attribute Flaw.

Talent-wise I'd be rolling in Brawl/Empathy/Expression/Intimidation. The only Skills I can think to take would be Drive, Firearms, and Larceny. Knowledges would be Academics, Computers, Enigmas (thank you, video games), and I'd have at least a 2 in Medicine. I can work a VCR and I'm a beast with an espresso machine so I think that means I get 2 in Technology? And I'm good at fixing random shit but I can't remember where Repair is.

Based on a Conscience 3/Self-Control 2/Courage 5 spread my WP is 5 and my Humanity is 5. That sounds pretty accurate. I hate people.

Here are my splat delineations based on system.

Changeling: Not even going to pretend I'm anything other than a Nocker at this point.
Mage: I'd be an Orphan. Orphans are cool.
Vampire: LOL.
Werewolf: Bone Gnawer 4 lyfe. I was born on a waning gibbous moon. YEEEEEAH.
lol, you guys. It was a joke at my gaming table that no storyteller would let me play a character with stats based on myself, and they'd die within the first session anyway... But here goes!

Strength: X (I just now struggled to lift a juice container, check)
Dexterity: X (Yeah, big check on the 'can barely stand up' part. I fall, I can't get back up.)
Stamina: 1

Charisma: 3
Manipulation: 2
Appearance: 2

Perception: 2
Intelligence: 4
Wits: 2

Abilities would be mostly knowledges... Computer, Enigmas, Occult, Academics, Technology, Science, Medicine -- all at least two. Computer == 4.

But yeah, look at those physical attributes up there. I think the most interesting thing about my sheet would be the massive amount of flaws.

Diminished Attributes (lol Str and Dex)
Allergy (Metal)

And what would I be?
Iteration-X Cyborg. Big old obviousness there. I work for a company that makes stealth aircraft, holodecks, and such, I have replacement body parts, I write software...

I would totally use all those flaw points and buy a Technocractic mecha.
Kendra, the Character

Strength 2 / Dexterity 3 / Stamina 3
Charisma 4 (Spec. Infectious Enthusiasm) / Manipulation 3 / Appearance 3
Perception 2 / Intelligence 3 / Wits 3

Talents - Primary: Athletics, Brawl, Empathy, Leadership, Subterfuge
Skills - Secondary: Animal Ken, Performance, Stealth, Survival
Knowledges - Tertiary: Computer, Science, Occult, Medicine all with one dot, Enigmas with two

Common Sense (astoundingly)
Self-Confident (I DO WHAT I WANT)
Time Sense (Sam says I'm a time-lord)

Deep Sleeper
Short (Damn!)

Now! For what I would be per system....

Werewolf: Genetically speaking, I'm Scandinavian meets Mediterranean, so somewhere between Fenrir and Fury. However, I would definitely choose to be a Get of Fenris. The moon I was born under is so incorrect-- I would be such a Forseti Skald.

Kinfolk: I'd love life as a Fianna Kinfolk. They have all the best parties.

Changeling: I would be a Seelie Wilder Boggan, for sure.

Mage: Verbena, because that would be the closest thing to 'making sense of this' that I would be able to find.

Vampire: I think I would be a Brujah. If I'm going to be undead and leave my entire world behind, then of course I'm going to embrace my violence. Consequences wouldn't land on anyone's shoulders but my own in that scenario, right?
Strength 3 / Dexterity 2 / Stamina 3
Appearance 3 / Charisma 3 / Manipulation 2
Perception 3 / Intelligence 4 / Wits 3

Talents - Athletics, Awareness, Empathy, Expression, Subterfuge
Skills - Drive, Melee, Performance
Knowledges - Academics, Investigation, Medicine, Occult, Science

Merits - Friendly Face, Jack of All Trades
Flaws - Soft Hearted, Curiosity

Werewolf - As much as I'd wish for something more badass, I'd be a Coggie. Probably a Ragabash.
Mage - I was going to say an Orphan, since I cherry pick and have trouble committing. Now that I think about it though, probably a Euthanatos, nix the sociopathy and gloom.
Vampire - I'd probably be a Caitiff lurking in a dark alley feeding on rats and crying about his lost humanity, tbh.
Changeling - Troll, prob'ly. Seelie, definitely.
Court, the character (I'm a real person, I DO WHAT I WANT)

Str 3 / Dex 2 / Stam 3
Char 2 / App 2 / Manip 3
Per 2 / Intel 3 / Wits 2

Alert, Expression, Leadership, Subterfuge
Crafts, Drive, Etiquette, Performance
Academics, Computer, Linguistics, Science, Technology

Werewolf: My husband says internet addicted Bone Gnawer Philodox, I say tech savvy CoG Philo.
Mage: Ecstatic, but I totally skipped the perfect time sense of that sphere - I only have it when I'm waiting tables
Vampire: Toreador, probably.
Changeling: Boggan, on the border between Seelie and Un.


At first I was like:

[Image: LogoTradCelestialChorus.png]

But then I was like:

[Image: tumblr_ltysk0hklK1qb8kjb.gif]

So now I'm probably an Hermetic-Virtual-Adept-leaning-Orphan.


[Image: LogoKithNockers.png]


[Image: tumblr_lxm2yaRtZ31qh01r8o1_500.gif]



[Image: FeraRokea.png]
my whole life is thunder.
Alright, let's do this.

Strength 2 | Dexterity 2 | Stamina 2
Charisma 2 | Manipulation 3 | Appearance 2
Perception 4 (Intuitive) | Intelligence 3 | Wits 2

Alertness 3 | Athletics 1 | Empathy 4 (Insight) | Expression 3 | Intimidation 2 | Leadership 2 | Subterfuge 3

Animal Ken 3 | Crafts 2 | Etiquette 1 | Meditation 1 | Performance 1 | Stealth 2 | Survival 1

Academics 3 | Computer 2 | Enigmas 3 | Investigation 1 | Occult 2 | Science 1 | Technology 2

Merits and Flaws
Code of Honor
Common Sense
Hypersensitivity (Cultist Merit)
Compulsions (multiple, which I'm not going to list)
Diminished Attributes
Phobia (Merinthophobia)

Me in the WoD
Mage: Orphan with Cultist and Verbena leanings (Spheres: Prime, Mind, Life, Time)
Werewolf: Child of Gaia Philodox (Gifts: Truth of Gaia, Scent of the True Form, Mother's Touch, Jam Weapon)
Vampire: Malkavian Anarch (Disciplines: Auspex, Dominate, Dementation, Animalism, Obfuscate)

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