PCs: Alternate Universe Style
So! Last night w/ Sam & Niko I asked them "What would our Vampire PCs be in Alternate Universe where they were Mages?" and somebody suggested I make that into a forum thread.

Here it is! What do you think Vampire/Werewolf/Mage PCs would be if they belonged to (Other System)?


I'll toss out a couple thoughts. Ahem.

Grace: I could see as a Glasswalker in WtA and a Brujah in Vampire. Sluagh?
Serafine: Child of Gaia. Galliard or Theurge. Annnnd Malkavian. Pooka.
Patience: Glasswalker. Who is cursed. Somehow. Galliard. Hee. Uh, Malkavian. And - Sluagh again, I think, maybe.

Hector: Dreamspeaker (Specialty: NEPHANDI LORE) or Euthanatos. Obnoxious Tremere Childe. Pooka.
Rabid Jack: Orphan or Caitiff. Maybe a City Gangrel! Troll.
Ingrid: Sidhe - Ailil (Seelie) - or Troll. Akashic, maybe. Lasombra, maybe, or Malk.
Avery: Sidhe, obv. Gwydion. Umm. Euthanatos. And - Ventrue, maybe?
Charlotte: Malkavian. Sidhe. Marauder-or-Cultist.

Lola: Gangrel. Dreamspeaker - eh, or Euthanatos. Boggan! Or Satyr.
Sam: Nocker or Pooka! Hmm. Orphan or - maybe an Akashic, based on her family? Maybe? Hmm. Ventrue, totally. I'd embrace her if I were a Ventrue. OR A TOREADOR. or anything. Sam's so cute.

And I'll do more later. (grin)

My PCs:
Vee: Celestial Chorus or maaaaaaybe Euthanatos. Maybe. Fianna based on place of birth, but really, probably a Silver Fang. Theurge.
Amber: Dreamspeaker. All the way. Ahroun with more Rage than WP, like, way more. Strider to the max. Probably Eshu.
Sam: Virtual Adept/Etherite dual Trad. Boggan!
Ingrid: Troll sounds good! She's ended up an honorable defender type. Or Sluagh. Euthanatos to the max.
Phoebe: Dreamspeaker and/or Cultist. Pooka.

Laurel: Get of Fenris, probably a Philodox, honestly! Mage I could see her as an Akashic. Troll maybe.
Bo: Maybe a Cultist. Glass Walker kinfolk. Satyr.

Flood: Shadow Lord, probably Ragabash. I don't know Hermetic Houses, but he might be one of them.
Jack: Orphan. Child of Gaia probably. Galliard.
Lux: Hermetic who left the Order. Silver Fang, probably Galliard.
Kali: Strider Ragabash or Galliard. Cultist?
William: Get of Fenris Forseti. Hmmmmmmm...Dreamspeaker maybe! Troll to the max.

Erich: Pooka, because of "The dream of a carefree and less controlled life, similar to that of animals which the pooka have affinities with."
Jack: Seconded for Troll!
Javed: Dreamspeaker and/or Akashic. Troll.
Keisha: Pooka. Verbena and/or Akashic.
Sophia: Dreamspeaker. Sluagh.

Update (and again: Crap I forgot ALL the mages, but now it's time to go home so I'll update this later):
Whoops, forgot Sid: Fianna or Glass Walker, Ahroun. Knocker.

Afro Daddy: he could be a Brujah!
Avery: Sidhe, but I'm going with Fiona. It was a close thing between Fiona and Gwydion, but ultimately I'd say Avery is defined more by her joie de vivre and her passion than her (considerable!) honor. Like if her passion and her honor were both drowning, I think she'd save her passion first. Lawl.
Charlotte: Charlotte could be a childling Eiluned Sidhe, I think.
Erich: POOKA?! ... okay, yeah, I could actually see that. Maybe like... a mastiff-pooka.
Hector: you know, I could see him being a philosophical Satyr.
Ingrid: she's a goddamn Lasombra, duh.
Jack: obviously a goddamn Redcap.
Javed: Troll knight of House Gwydion!
Keisha: okay she's totally an Eshu.
Phoebe: I don't really know her well enough to say!
Sophia: is a fucking Malkavian. Antitribu at that.
Tamsin: another Eshu.
Winona: sorry, really don't know her either!

Alexis: ditto!
Angelica: ditto! :[
Eva: Ventruuuuue. Or I could see her being Ailil Sidhe too.
Calden: is a grump Satyr.
Evan: pooka?
Lola: seelie(!) redcap wilder.
Marina: dunno :[
Melantha: if she wasn't BF kin she'd just be BF Ahroun.
Sam: I could see her being an orphan mage!
My characters!
Winona: Fiona Sidhe, Spirit-heavy Verbena, IDK in Vampire
Reese/Evan: Nocker or Redcap depending on mood, Virtual Adept, Brujah? Ventrue? Food? IDK.
Shoshannah: Uktena Galliard, Eshu, Toreador? Maybe?
Garrett: Glass Walker Philodox, too banal for anything Changeling, Ventrue?
Gina: Bone Gnawer Philodox, Redcap, Orphan
I don't know which one made me laugh harder: obnoxious Tremere childe or philosophical Satyr.

Afro Daddy: I could see him joining the Akashic Brotherhood.
Avery: Ventrue all the way.
Erich: Seelie Troll Wilder.
Ingrid: Homegirl is a Euthanatos.
Jack: Hector thinks he's Sidhe. I'm seconding "goddamn Redcap."
Javed: Ahl-i-Batin.
Keisha: She is Dreamspeaker as hell.
Phoebe: ... crap. Get back to me after I get an actual scene with her.
Sophia: She is an Unseelie Sluagh.
Tamsin: Some type of wise bird Pooka that likes to pretend it hates Satyrs.
Thomas: Such a Caitiff.
Winona: She is definitely an Eshu.

Calden: He's such a Verbena.
Éva: Partying with Avery at the Ventrue table.
Evan: Virtual Adept.
Lola: Rural Gangrel. Or a House Quaesitor Hermetic with combat skills that would make a Euthie jealous.
Sam: A well-adjusted Son of Ether.

Amber: Silver Fang that likes slumming it.
Bo: Void Engineer who's stranded on Earth.
Gina: Straight-up Euthanatos.
Laurel: Bone Gnawer, in the Road Warden camp.
Molly: LOL she would totally be a Coggie.
To begin: My experience in varying systems is so freaking slim. But I'll try and mix it up!

Lola: Unseelie Boggan Nope, Redcap Wilder // Gangrel to the Max
Molly: Nocker, probably. She's grumpier than she comes across // Theurge, either Fianna or Silent Strider

Bertram: Shadow Lord Galliard
Flood: Waning Ragabash -- either Glass Walker (the kind from money, involved in business, not street kickers) or Fianna
Kali: Satyr! or a Cult of Ecstacy person.
Lux: Theurge Shadow Lord. Or a Sidhe. She looks so regal.
Nate: Bone Gnawer Kinfolk, bone-weary.

Jack: Malkavanian, that madman. Or maybe he should've just been an Ahroun?
Erich: Totes a Troll, Wilder of course. And Seelie, whether he likes it or not.
Hector: Tremere, I guess. Could'a been a Coggie.
Keisha: Some serene kind of Pooka. Like a swan or butterfly.
Tamsin: Wilder Boggan!
Thomas: Oh honey, you're so like a mortal in a vampire's world.
Reese: Satyr, fo' sho.
Other folk!

Grace: Glass Walker kin, Nocker or maybe Dougal Sidhe depending on how well her stuff works and pending her maiming.
Kalen: Silent Strider Ahroun
Lena: Child of Gaia Theurge
Patience: Nocker
Sera: Shadow Lord Galliard
Sid: Bone Gnawer Ahroun, Redcap

Nathan: Sluagh, Gnawer or Walker Galliard

Hector: Pooka, Dreamspeaker
Keisha: Dreamspeaker and/or Verbena
Phoebe: Dreamspeaker and/or Verbena, Boggan Childling (hush, I know she's in her late 20s)
Tamsin: Pooka all the way
Thomas: Orphan, some flavor of Sidhe
Alexis: Akashic, Gwydion Sidhe
Lola: Redcap
Marina: Dougal Sidhe
Sam: Boggan, Son of Ether
Here's how I view my PCs; I'll do other peeps' later.

My PCs:
Adele: Hollow One, Shadow Lord Ragabash, Malkavian
Alexis: Chorister (Zen focus), Troll and he'd walk out into the sun if he was a Vampire
Javed: Hermetic (House Tytalus), Troll, Nomadic Gangrel (Path of Honorable Accord)
Kali: Cult of Ecstacy (I could also see her as a House Xaos Hermetic), Silent Strider Ragabash, Eshu
Keisha: Pooka, Verbena, Salubri
Laurel: Akashic (with anger issues), Bone Gnawer (Road Warden, Jamie's right on that), Redcap and I'm not saying what kind of vampire I think she'd be 'cause then it'll happen!
Lena: Sidhe (House Fiona), Toreador and...yeah, she's a total Coggie Theurge
William: Troll (obviously), Fenrir Philodox, Euthanatos
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Werewolf to Vampire!

Avery: Ventrue, of course! A Toreador, however, helps pick out her outfits!
Erich: Embraced as a Brujah taken in by the Lassombra!
Ingrid: Mothefuckin' Assamite! Web of Knives to boot!
Javed: Tzimizce (Koldun!) or maybe an embraced Bratovitch with just a little Necromancy?
Kiesha: Salubri (The actual Salubri not the Antitribu!) with a 9 or 10 Humanity, well on her way to achieving Golconda.
Phoebe: I am gonna say Toreador! High Humanity! High Auspex!
Sophia: Duh, Malkavian!
Thomas "Afro_Daddy": Brujah, and Sheriff or Scourge to boot!
Thomas Delacroix: I'm leaning Ventrue here for this guy for some reason! Maybe Ventrue Antitribu!
Winona: This one is tough, cause I haven't seen much of her... Uhm... Tremere, but I reserve the right to change this!

Reese: Toreador all the way!
Sam: Brujah! Brujah! Brujah!

Vampire to Werewolf:

Bertram: Shadow Lord... Uhm... Philodox or Galliard, maybe Glasswalker!
Flood: Shadow Lord Ragabash! Definitely!
Kali: Bonegnawer or Shadow Lord Galliard... With a high Rage, and a firearm fetish that makes whatever she shoots explode!
Vee: Shadow Lord Theurge! Or maybe an Ajaba Metis!
William: I am gonna say Shadow Lord Ahroun, with Fair Glabro+Huge Size cause he walks around in it all the time!

Bo: I only scened with her shortly but I am thinking... Bonegnawer Ragabash!
Kragen: Silverfang Galliard! Or Glasswalker Galliard... Not sure which yet!
Laurel: Bonegnawer or Get of Fenris! A tribe with a chip on their shoulder! Ahroun either way! She's also got some kinda anger flaw!
Molly: Shadow Lord Ragabash or Galliard... Bringer of the Light! I swear I could get 10 successes on a Dread Gaze roll and that woman wouldn't run, she'd just calmly ask to be excused then simply walk away strutting a little!
Avery: Seelie Sidhe, House Gwydion (sorry Damon)
Melantha: Primordial Verbena
Eleanor: Forseti
Hawksley: Unseelie Sidhe, House Fiona

Charlotte: Seelie Sidhe, House... Liam? I would say Dougal but I don't want her maimed :[[[
Erich: Seelie Pooka (mastiff seconded!)
Hector: Seelie Eshu
Javed: Seelie Troll
Keisha: Questing Dreamspeaker (with the Lifesaver flaw)
Phoebe: Seelie Satyr
Sophia: Primordial Marauder
Tamsin: Seelie Pooka (who tells everyone that she and Hector are Boggans)
Thomas C.: Dynamic Euthanatos
Thomas D.: Questing Orphan

Calden: Seelie Satyr
Eva: Pattern Euthanatos
Lola: Primordial Dreamspeaker (who is 110% done with the white man's bullshit and has a shotgun)
Sam: Seelie Pooka (confidant much? but idk sometimes she steals babies)

Grace: Unseelie Nocker
Serafine: Fianna Galliard (with Silver Fang PB 2)
Sid: Glass Walker Ahroun
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