Possible IC Ties
So, these things can sometimes be pretty helpful in forming friendships (or rivalries) a little more quickly, so here goes.
Hawksley Rothschild

In Denver:
  • Introduces himself as 'Davie' to Sleepers, and this is the name on his calling card. Last name rarely given.
  • Probably knows half your friends already.
  • Some people finally found out he's a Hermetic (House... Ravenclaw?) so now probably everyone knows.
  • Connections in high society. Last name always given. The one on his birth certificate, though.
  • Owns and may or may not return to living in a ridiculous mansion in Cherry Hills Village.
  • Lived here, left, is coming back. Make comparisons to Jesus if you want; he won't correct you.
  • Graduated from the Salisbury School in Salisbury, Connecticut, Class of 2006. Esse quam videri.
  • Attended Oxford from 2006 - 2009. Cordially asked to withdraw. Dominus illuminatio mea.
  • Once lumber and railroad barons. Now investment banking, some fine art dealers, and that one great-great uncle we don't talk about who was in oil down in Texas.
  • Grew up in the Hamptons/Upper East Side. Father and mother are still up there.
  • No known siblings or half-siblings. Unknown siblings or half-siblings possible. Cousins definitely possible.
  • Some Verbena ties in England.
  • Not the best reputation among the Order of Hermes, particularly House Shaea. House Ex Miscellanea just sort of shrugs at him [Probationary Member].
  • Has traveled enough that he could have crossed paths with people in Europe, the Middle East, and the northern expanse of Africa. Possibly India/Indonesia/Australia/other Indian-Ocean-ish places.
  • Could have had a whirlwind affair with you in Switzerland or something.
my whole life is thunder.

1990-1997/8 - Hamptons / NYC.
1997/8-2003/4 or so - @ school. Specifically, Kylemore Abbey Castle School, an all girls Catholic school run by Benedictine nuns in the middle of nowhere, in the Connemara, County Galway, Ireland.
2003/4-2007/8 - [...]
2007/8 to 2010 - [... but London, more or less.]
2010 - Brooklyn
2010/11-early 2013 - Raleigh-Durham, NC
2013ish forward - hanging with all y'all.

Sera has no job but she does have three roommates two of whom have normal jobs. Dee works in a bakery and is now on a roller derby team that I will work into EVERY SCENE I CAN and I forget where Rick works but maybe he got fired and is working someplace else now. Dan is a consor and a songwriter and a producer and works (way more than Sera does) from home. Sera can be anywhere at pretty much any time because: of the drugs. She's also pretty experience-hungry and social and they do have a band that has no name, so.


PS - Maggie, Sera's consor Dan and at least one of her other roommates are complete hipsters and total vinyl snobs and are probably in Wax Trax once a week at least so we should make arrangements for them to encounter each other.
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Grace Evans
Born in Phoenix, Arizona, lived there until college. Ho-hum life up till then, really.

Currently studying for a computer science masters at UC Denver. She lives in an apartment next to campus, and has chosen to do the work/study thing.

Hangs out at: Bookstores, coffee shops, free entertainment venues, campus library, computer labs until 3 in the morning...

Pen name: L. Marshal, among others. Writes mostly sci-fi short stories with an unfinished novel yet to see the light of day (don't all writers have one of those?). She's not exactly famous, but was recently published in an anthology.
Alexander Brandt

- Born and grew up in Seattle
- High school graduate (2004)
- Variety of low-paid, part time jobs in Seattle
- Joined Seattle PD in 2008

- Father in the army, but no contact with him since 1997
- Mother still lives in Seattle

- Works in the Downtown area with Denver PD
- Living in Golden
- Not particularly bookish, so more likely to find him out and about, coffee shops, bars, clubs. Or out in the mountains somewhere.
Kiara Woolfe

- Kiara was born and raised in New York.

- She attended private schools in the inner West side of Manhattan and her father is a relatively well known and respected surgeon in New York. She attended college at the NY College of Health and graduated with an AAS degree in Massage Therapy.

- Undertook Reiki classes in New York, so anyone with New Age connections or who might know of her craft could feasibly have a reason to know her, or her (and Sadie's) deceased Mentor, Aisling Callahan.

- Was part of a Verbena Coven in New York that were wiped out (mostly) by a MIB raid so if your character has reason to be in the know about Verbena happenings in the area, they may know of what befell the Coven and/or have some connection to surviving members.

- Has various connections through work and socially in Manhattan as well, so I'm happy to work in any connection or prior meetings!

Andrés Sepúlveda
  • Born in Denver in 1979.
  • Spent summers in Guadalajara up until 1997-ish.
  • Received B.S. in biochemistry from DU in like 2000.
  • Received M.D. from Johns Hopkins University in [year]
  • Completed residency at Stanford University in [year]
  • Was in Miami from about 2009[?] onward.
  • Now working as an ME with the county.
Anyone who met him in Baltimore or the Bay Area (or Miami. Wherever.) might also know his wife, Eloise. Eloise moved from Tokyo to New York in the late '90s which is where she met Sepúlveda. She died last spring. There's a (substantiated) rumor going around concerning how well he handled that.

His former mentor is also a current Ally. Her name is Iona Lusk and she's an astrophysicist and an airship explorer and an all-around doing-stuff badass so IDK what the likelihood of her being a tie-in is but I did just type the words "airship explorer" so we can do whatever the hell we want.
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Silas O.A. Robinson (Sometimes Silas Arthur, or Owen Robinson, or any combination of those names depending on what he's up to at any given time), bani Bonisagus
  • Born in England in 1986
  • Parents are famous, badass Hermetics (Flambeau mother, Xaosian father) who dragged him around to consortiums and collegiums and concords and what have you all over the world and then some.  Can have met just about anyone, just about anywhere, really.
  • Godparents are a Verbena and a Flambeau.  This, too, sounds like a bad joke but isn't.  Was fostered with them in Kentucky, loves them possibly more than he loves his biological parents. (2010-2011, lived there as much as not for years after.)
  • Studied botany and herbology and such things at some university in Kentucky I'm not going to google right now.  Whatever.
  • Is a freelance master gardener/landscaper.  Sure, you can work with/apprentice to him you know your shit and like playing in the dirt.
  • Has traveled a lot, so if you want to have met him somewhere just let me know and we'll make it work.
NPCs Available for PC-age if so desired
  • Adorable coffee shop minister that I didn't name, but is biracial with freckles.  Doesn't have to be the same girl as in the picture, but should have a similar look.  Chorus Consor.  Not particularly straight or narrow.
  • Roommate 1: Mark(-y Mark) Jones - IT (Technical Project Manager, Wealth Management) guy for Modis or something, mid 20s-mid 30s.  Consor, sleeper, whatevs.
  • Roommate 2: Dante Lucci - almost done with surgical residency at Children's Hospital Colorado.  Late 20s-late 30s.  See above.
  • Roommate 3: Anthony (Tony, Tone, Tone-loc, so many nicknames depending on lots of things) Bradford, Athletic trainer for UC-Denver.  Mid 20s-late 30s.  See above.
Lukas Ashford (or Dominik Katona if you're going to be sneaky and attempt to uncover his Sleeper identity, not that you'd deduce much other than a spate of time in and out of foster homes and eventually dropping off the grid entirely)
  • Born in Los Angeles, 1987
  • Parents are both deceased, has one sister (Flóra) who lives in Denver (Ward Flaw, sup)
  • His Mentor still lives and works in Los Angeles as a Homicide Detective, name of Harrison Grange, sparse details can be dug up on his past (more via contacting me) and its very possible he's known to other Euthanatoi
  • Studied at UCLA for a time under his Sleeper name
  • Currently works at the Phoenix Shelter for Boys in East Colfax as a Youth Worker
  • Has lived in Denver for a while mostly flying under the radar, but if you'd like to create prior/present day connections that can most definitely be arranged 
Iris Raz
- Grew up in London
- Spent a smidge of time in Edinburgh for university until she Awakened
- Apprenticed to Amelia Weston, aka Sid Rhodes (missing, presumed dead), in Edinburgh
- Proprietor of Thumbelina's Enchanted Garden, a tiny florist shop in Writers Square, on the 16th Street Mall
- Has a VA ally and a VA contact, because I'm a fucking nerd and tied her to (and so kinda tied off) not one but TWO of my old characters
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